Is dissatisfaction with the Cranleigh GP Practice spreading faster than COVID?

Cranleigh’s Community Board has been groaning under the weight of complaints against its local GP Practice. A practice that boasts a state-of-the-art ‘nearly new’ health centre.

But some have come out to defend the Cranleigh Receptionists, who they claim are having a rough deal of it with angry patients. Is the criticism justified? Tell us what you think.

Seriously. You want to do an e-consult but nope, you can’t because you have a small window.
Can’t call to make an appt have to e-consult. What a joke. 😡😡😡😡
May be an image of text that says '16:50 4G Cranleigh Medical Practice NHS Before you contact your GP practice, consider checking your symptoms with NHS Online For questions about COVID- 19, call 119 or visit the .COVID19pe Please note eConsults are only available between 6am 12pm from Monday to Friday You can submit a consultation when they are available again.If you need help in the meantime, call 111 or visit hps:// Search by condition, symptom or topic For example: back pain Search'

There’s trouble in Grayshott too as another shedload of care home beds are on their way from Hindhead, where GPs fear they cannot cope.

Grayshott Surgery has raised serious concerns about the approved 74-bed care home at the Andrews Garden Equipment Shop site, off Portsmouth Road in Hindhead.

Hindhead Nursing Home – just what the Doctor ordered?

Waverley borough councillors eventually approved the 74-bed care home at the Andrews site in March.

The surgery has sent a letter to the Herald – co-signed by Dr Edward Bell and Dr Seun Akande – detailing its concerns, which include the number of care home beds already in the Hindhead area.

The letter from Dr Bell and Dr Akande says:

“Quality data suggests if a care home was to be developed on this site it would not benefit the local population and, furthermore, it would place unnecessary and additional strain on existing health services.

“The fundamental basis for our concerns is there is not a need for another car1e home in Hindhead.

Waverley said:

“Recent changes to how health and care systems work mean that we, including local clinicians, are working much more closely with our local government colleagues as part of the Guildford and Waverley Health and Care Alliance and we welcome that.

“As a health and care system, we would welcome the opportunity to work more closely with the Local Government Association to ensure a more holistic approach to planning applications and potential impact on local community infrastructure.”

“The site is a brownfield site, which has the potential to be used much more efficiently.

“Our adopted Local Plan Part 1 states the council will support the provision of new housing and related accommodation to meet the needs of specific groups including older people (aged 65 and over).

“Our Strategic Housing Market Assessment indicates there is a need for more accommodation to serve the needs of the elderly within the borough.

“While officers noted a number of problems face local health-care providers, such as the lack of qualified staff, these are national issues that fall outside the scope of the planning process.”

3 thoughts on “Is dissatisfaction with the Cranleigh GP Practice spreading faster than COVID?”

  1. I agree with the comment don’t take it out on the poor souls on reception. Rude and uneccessary.

    1. I agree, there is no need to be rude or angry. Of course people who need help will feel stressed but there are a few things we need to remember. This has been an unprecedented time with Covid along with the increased population in and around Cranleigh. The practice is doing its best to try to provide a service that suits all. Personally I think and have experienced using the e-Consult form a few times and have nothing but praise for it. For episodic needs it is brilliant, freeing up appointments for those that need a face to face appointment or for those who cannot do IT. We need to think differently about how GP services are delivered and Cranleigh are doing their best to have a different approach. Constructive feedback is very useful for the practice. I suggest directing your frustrations to NHS England, Waverley Planning department and the developers!

      1. Great to receive your feedback. The good news is that e-consult works for you. We think that perhaps the older generation finds it more difficult. Perhaps as habits change, everyone will become more familiar with the technology. However, your advice to contact Waverley would be bette directed to The Government. It is responsible for the NPPF – National Planning Policy Framework and the targets set for housing nationally. As for developers – they generally listen to nobody other than their accountants and finance directors!

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