Ewhurst & Ellens Green Planning Referendum takes place today.

On 29 April 2022, a decision statement was issued setting out that ‘Your Waverley’ had accepted all the independent examiner’s recommendations and that the Ewhurst and Ellens Green Neighbourhood Plan could now proceed to a referendum.

Ewhurst and Ellens Green Neighbourhood Planning Referendum - Thursday 30 June 2022.

3 thoughts on “Ewhurst & Ellens Green Planning Referendum takes place today.”

  1. So much work goes into the preparation of these neighbourhood plans but when the chips are down they seem to carry so little weight. I realise that sometimes the problem is the understanding of what they can and cannot do – they supposedly allow the residents to specify where housing can go but NOT whether or how much the area will take.

    1. Most towns and villages have taken so long in the preparation of their Neighbourhood Plans they have been overtaken by events. Take Alfold as an example – still no NP, still under construction – vastly more homes than intended by WBC – and now the parish council is in the process of undertaking a housing needs survey – if it wasn’t so serious you could have a good laugh. Numerous Inspectors have referred to the lack of NPs in Waverley, but when Inspectors are faced with them in Appeals they ignore them.

      1. @waverleyweb, that is not true – see all the decisions that have supported the Farnham Neighbourhood Plan. If you do it correctly, in time and update it, it will be supported

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