Is a triumph for Farnham just around the corner?

A triumph or a disaster for Farnham?

Some residents believe there is a solution for Blightwells that could unite Farnham.

Millions of pounds of taxpayers’ or pension fund holders’ money slipping down the pan

The unpopular squillion-pound development could – house the Farnham Museum, the Town Council, the Library and all major institutions such as the Royal British Legion, Phyllis Tuckwell and alike under one roof?

On the level, easy access to the development with bus stops nearby?
 This development has been a pain in the neck of Farnham for over 20 years. So, could the retail element of the East Street site be put to better use for the people who will be using it and paying for it?
Or, of course, it could be left to become a coffee-shop empire and be dubbed a massive disaster?

The Farnham Herald recently credited the 25-year saga of Blightwells as …

“A controversy that has virtually destroyed the Farnham Conservatives who led the scheme.”

Could it become a monument to Tory failure?
Tell us what you think? Publicly or privately: 
Want to know who to blame for the Blightwells Fiasco?
Everyone could benefit but will Surrey County Council. which has shelled out £58m, together with Waverley and Farnham Town Council,  see sense?

Let’s see?


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