Oh dear! Does Jeremy Hunt think there are borough council elections this year, not next?

┬áPlease, will someone tell our MP there aren’t borough council elections in Waverley until May 2023?

Or, as one commentator said –

Could be more about Jeremy putting himself about so when the boundary commission changes come in and he has to pitch for a redrawn seat he can show his own (re) selection committee what a dedicated constituency MP he is…either that or it’s a warm-up for his next leadership bid….or a bit of both…

Election coming up? Let’s set up some photo opportunities!
Kiss babies? Nope, not allowed.
Stand with a bin bag and an activist? Nope, did that last time, and the time before that and was in deep dog doo for sticking leaflets on residents’ cars and causing a litter problem!
Delivering surveys? Nah. Was caught out on that one by suggesting Dunsfold Aerodrome could take almost all Waverley’s housing needs and it didn’t go down too well with the locals over there in the East. But who cares that’s Angie’s patch.
Stand next to a sign saying Milford /Farncombe / Elstead? No, too predictable. Anyway, Aunty Elsey wasn’t around for a picture opportunity- rumour has it she was busy filing bile on Facebook about Captain Follows?
Can anyone find a photograph of Jeremy Hunt with a bin bag, surrounded by party activists that WASN’T taken within three weeks of an election?
Or perhaps South West Surrey Tories are on a damage limitation campaign? ( to divert attention from PartyGate, PornGate, KhanGate, BorisGate, and 50 MPs accused of SexualmisconductGate?)

Jeremy Hunt was in Witley.

As part of my Bounceback SW Surrey campaign, I spent some time visiting businesses and meeting people in Witley this week. I visited Uppercut – the stylish place to get your hair cut and beauty needs met, the brilliant new dog grooming business Bubbles Pooch Parlour, and Wizard Video Productions – a hidden gem who have been producing films for schools and businesses for over 33 years.
Also, very inspiring to see Kay’s Witley Village Stores back on its feet and fully refurbished after the terrible fire in 2020. I then met several residents and discussed the need for a crossing on the Petworth Road, speeding, overdevelopment, rural crime, and my campaign for a new Cancer Centre. Huge thanks to everyone in Witley who spent time chatting with me. #bouncebackswsurrey #witleyvillage

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  1. Maybe whilst he is keeping his Prime Minister-in-waiting powder dry he had some spare time to pop down the shops?

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