4 thoughts on “Rail – v- Canal – turns into a local war in ‘Your Waverley.’”

  1. I know the subject is a serious one which I don’t mean to belittle, but the video is an example of genius and it made my morning!

  2. I agree with John W-S – great video.
    But seriously. Why destroy the only possible solution to the local traffic problems? And I don’t see how this fits with either the “Dunsfold garden village” idea or for that matter zero carbon by 2030. So it seems this is all just greenwash after all. Pity.

    1. To be fair – the Wey & Arun Canal Trust are just doing what they want to serve their members. They have no strategic view – they just want their new canal on the easiest and cheapest route – they are not thinking about the community who can probably live without another bit of canal – and even if it wever gets connected to the National canal network – that is very marginal benefit to anyone. They are land grabbing first. I think their statements about offering leisure opportunities is a bit rich… digging up an existing cycleway, making it narrower, and then claiming it is their work that is enabling this for the community.

      The scandal as I see it is that the Waverley Officer doesn’t see the danger, has declared she has not got any strategic or statutory view and will probably wave it through. We deserve better, and it is essential that Cranleigh gets better.

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