Has Guildford & Cranleigh’s MP Angie stopped bumping elbows with Boris.


What does Michael Gove’s Bag Carrier –  Parliamentary Private Secretary Angela Richardson – think she’s doing?

Freshly reinstated shortly after her last outing – which lasted all of 24-hours! – the MP for Guildford & Cranleigh Villages has resigned!  Leaving the poor old Secretary of State for Housing & Levelling Up to carry his own bags!  And this not so long after his wife, the journalist Sarah Vine, told him to pack his bags!!
But, enough of Mr Gove’s woes, and back to our local MP. With friends like Angela, who needs enemies?!

 Surely it wouldn’t hurt Ms Richardson to display a bit of loyalty and backbone for once?  The UK is coming out of a two-year pandemic, is on the brink of a European war, inflation is rising faster than skirts (according to The Telegraph, the mini is making a comeback!), ditto utility prices and Council Tax and instead of rallying to the cry of “All hands on deck!”, shamefully, our Angela has elbowed her way to the front of the queue for the lifeboats and is deserting what she thinks might be a sinking ship!

Judging the goings and comings and goings of  ‘Our Angie’ has never been an easy task, and there are some of her constituents who are beginning to wonder if it’s more about getting noticed and grabbing the headlines than standing by her principles!

However, with Guildford now considered a marginal constituency and having enjoyed all the lovely treats and outings that go with the territory, Our Angie has decided to hedge her bets, now saying:

“I have stepped back from my government responsibilities to invest more of my time realising the campaigns that I am working on for the people of Guildford, Cranleigh and our villages.”

Just a short time ago, Our Angie was reinstated as Michael Gove’s PPS a mere 14 hours after she was sacked – for disobeying Bully-Boy-Boris’s order to help save Owen Paterson from taking his punishment like a grown-up. And then this:

And then, a few weeks later, on 13 December, Our Angie got her mug plastered over a three-quarter-page spread in the Telegraph under the headline,  Whips fear Minister’s aides revolt over vaccine passports.

Our Angie was dobbed in as one of ten private secretaries plotting to quit and vote against the government. Did she hell? It was all Aye, Aye, Aye on the day as you will see from her voting record.

With the ongoing dramas at Westminster and the potential for Boris to succumb to death by a thousand cuts, has Our Angie picked a good time to disengage from the scrum and concentrate on her local pitch in a bid to ensure she doesn’t suffer from the fallout?  Or, knowing Angie’s huge sense of self-importance, might she be contemplating throwing her own hat into the ring if the PM is forced to fall on his sword?!

If that’s the case, she’s going to have to up her game on the home front if she wants her constituents to get behind her!

Here’s a letter she sent to Alfold resident Michael Lord yesterday, 31 January 2022 at 18:21:20 GMT 

A Richardson Response to Gray Report 31 Jan 2022  

 But she chose to ignore  Alfold’s Denise Wordsworth altogether. Here’s Denise’s response to Ange’s radio silence:

Dear Ms Richardson

Thanks for the apology – you didn’t send to me…..  but I globally sent it to others in the village including my other half today.  Is it because I mentioned the Thakeham Issue?

It just goes to show that you do not reply to those that you think are beyond anything you can do to make amends for this shambolic Government – apologies don’t make it better

I wish you well as I do all people – But I sincerely hope that you will take stock of the feelings of the Eastern Villages – We may not have local elections this year – But not long……

Kind regards Denise

There’s never a dull moment in politics.

Shouldn’t the sacking and reinstatement of MP Angela Richardson be entering The Guinness Book of Records?

Did our Surrey MP’s let us down again?



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