Good news? 20 mph limit soon on Cranleigh High Street.


Those residents who use Cranleigh High Street regularly say they are thrilled that they are now allowed to drive along the High Street at 20 miles per hour.

One told us that he could seldom drive at more than 3/5 miles per hour – and the longest it has taken him recently was 25 mins from the Common roundabout to the Obelisk junction of the High Street and the Ewhurst Road.

More improvements coming soon?

One thought on “Good news? 20 mph limit soon on Cranleigh High Street.”

  1. The time it takes to get through the high street will only ever get worse as traffic volumes grow whos kidding who. In addition various fools tinkered with the high street layout a few years ago and made it infinitely worse. For example road narrowing at the t junction by 140 so that if a car turns right no car can pass on the inside. In addition the bus stop opposite the Richard Onslow is so designed that when a bus leaves it has to pull across to the other side of the road

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