Watch this message from Waverley’s council leader – because he’s worth it?

Waverley borough council working for us and the refugees of Afghanistan.

Cllr Paul Follows outlines how ‘Your Waverley’ is facing up to its obligations and outlines the challenges it faces.

Cllr. Paul Follows – Godalming, Milford and Witley

A response to some of the questions and comments yesterday regarding our assistance for Afghan refugees. This includes how we are able to do this and addresses some of the comments about local needs and veterans support too.
Apologies in advance, I do get a little political – it’s pretty much impossible not to given the subject and the ongoing debate.
Cllr Paul Follows
Leader, Waverley Borough Council

9 thoughts on “Watch this message from Waverley’s council leader – because he’s worth it?”

  1. The Govt has a large deficit. Why don’t Waverley get more funds via a rates increase to pay for more help for homeless and refugees?

  2. Surely this is a National Issue and should be funded by The Government and not Local Councils. The Governement are happy to line their pockets with donations from Developers and other large Companies. I beleive our Council Tax is distributed as follows:

    Surrey County Council: 74%
    Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey: 14%
    Waverley Borough Council: 9%
    Town and parish councils: 3%

    As we all know SCC ask for all sorts of Costs from Developers and then actually don’t deliver on the Promised services. And which party run SCC?????

    1. And we have been trying to get SCC to lead on this issue now for ages. They only (finally) appointed an officer to deal with this issues on behalf of SCC after pressure from the boroughs to do so.

    2. Surrey deal with expensive services including schools and social services.
      Waverley deal with housing. Oh and btw how did the bid for some or all of Dunsfold Park go? I have heard rumours that Waverley made their bid too late and so failed. Is this right?
      Perhaps it would be sensible to have a unitary authority.

  3. Would be really useful to have a schedule of works – with a date line so we know when things that have been Promised – will actualy happen – We have waited YEARS for a simple Footpath from Alfold Crossways to Compasses Gate (You know this wonderful area of Emplopyment and DP Garden Village)

    We do it to support our Local Pub – But I have to say I Hate it as we are constantly finding ourselves in the Bushes to avoid cars and HGVS –

    When is someone going to wake up and Kick SCC who have had the Money from Dunsfold Park for YEARS and have done nothing – and yet still let planning applications go ahead that mean the land for footpaths are built on – Why isn’t anyone looking at this??

  4. Why don’t Waverley Councillors who also sit at County level work to build positive relationships between levels of local government to get things done? Stop making political collateral out of a human tragedy and just quietly get on with it, like the hundreds of charity volunteers do. If people in need aren’t coming forward for help, work with outreach/ volunteer/ church programmes and try and connect. Work with the MPs not against them, regardless of whether their badge is blue. Think of those you say you are trying to help, not just on how to develop bumpf to put in political newsletters. Stop printing political news letter and think of the trees. Seems like a straight forward ‘mission’ statement for leader of the of WBC.

    1. Sadly Bunty the political posturing began with the Guildford MP Angela Ricardson who never misses an opportunity to take a swing at the parties in power in Guildford & Waverley. Setting an example should begin at the top.

      1. But no reason why the Cllrs at Borough and County can’t change the way of doing things. I see no difference between Lib Dems and Tories on how they go about things. Making political capital from this situation is distaceful. ‘Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose’ as you’ve previously said waverley web.

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