Following the boundaries in ‘Your Waverley.’

Is this what might happen if changes are not introduced at ‘Your Waverley?
Just as a matter of public record – 10 years ago  Conservative Controlled Waverley Borough Council decided it would reduce the number of councillors as a quid pro quo for reducing its grants to the voluntary sector and giving councillors a 95% increase in their allowances.
The  Rainbow Coalition’s current position is to reduce the number of seats from 57 to 50 – believing this to be a realistic and manageable number of councillors for the larger wards.


Hi WW,

The first thing that hits me with this Ward Map is that Cranleigh East & West are NOT even noted on it. Hello!  Has everyone forgotten the smallest of Waverley’s four main Settlements with the second-largest proportion of housing allocated to it in Local Plan Part 1???

The Document presented by the WBC Conservatives (linked above) produced Ward Figures badly produced and unreadable in their printed format, so in the interests of being an anal-retard – I put the stats on a Spreadsheet on a rainy Friday and there are some anomalies I cannot figure out.  Yet again I use Cranleigh as an example:

Cranleigh’s allocation on LPP1 is for 1700 New Homes which we would guess would produce about 3000 plus new Residents. Yet this document states that the number of new residents would be an additional 1815.  When I checked the other wards it was clear that all the Projected Population increases were exactly the same 16%!

I cannot help but ask the question to all our WBC councillors if someone can produce this document on a more realistic basis. Yes, Cllr Follows I am asking you if you could push this as I do not know how residents can make informed decisions based only on Councillors comments on the surveys they had to complete. There were lots of grumpy-Covid comments!! – We are ALL fed up with it – But this is important as it will affect all existing and future residents.

Based on the Stats on the above Document the following Wards should have their Councillors reduced:

Godalming -2
Haslemere – 2
Witley & Hambledon -1
Milford – 1
Blackheath & Wonersh -1

That’s 7 gone – Simples!!

But I notice no mention of the Dunsfold Park  Garden Village? with 1800 – 2600 New Homes. Won’t it require at least 1-2 Councillors on their own?

I know you think DP won’t happen – but as it stands at the moment it is still in LPP1?

PS. The Waverley Web is convinced Dunsfold Garden Village WILL happen – but not for some considerable time.

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