Godalming’s Lib Dem duo ready to run towards County Hall.

Surrey County Council could soon be wearing some new faces come May 6 – when the polls open to herald a new era at county towers.


Here’s a message from Cllr Paul Follows on behalf of two of the candidates who have thrown their hats into the election ring. Messages from other candidates in ‘Your Waverley’  will follow. That is of course – if we receive them!

Cllr Follows.

Many of you will be aware by now that May 6th this year is Election Day for Surrey County Council.

‘A significant number of the messages I get from residents as a #Godalming Town and Borough councillor are actually about County issues – such as roads, schools and Children’s centres and do my best to address these.

But without being a county councillor there is only so much that I can do on these things. I have decided to throw my hat into the ring and stand for the County Council which is why my page has changed a little today.’

The Godalming and Villages area is split into TWO county areas:

➡️ Godalming North – where the candidate for us will be the always fantastic and dedicated PENNY RIVERS.

➡️ Godalming South, Milford and Witley – where I have the honour of being our candidate from today.

We want to bring compassion, competence and community back to Surrey County Council and both of us are standing because we want to make where we live a better place for everyone.

You can let us know your priorities for Surrey with our Residents Survey and very happy to hear from residents any time on Facebook or using the email contact on this page.


Cllr Paul Follows
Candidate for Godalming South, Milford and Witley

2 thoughts on “Godalming’s Lib Dem duo ready to run towards County Hall.”

  1. Teachers have returned to crowded classrooms without the protection of getting the Covid vaccine. The older teachers will probably have been vaccinated by now, but what about the younger ones who are still waiting to be called? I know of cases where leftover vaccine has been randomly offered to people in their 30s and under.

    Teachers stand in front of 30 students per class and take 4/5 different classes a day. That is an awful lot of interactions when everyone else is told to limit theirs to 6 people outdoors to minimise the risk of infection. How can that be right?

    1. Indeed Agnes it is an absolute disgrace that young teachers, in fact, any teachers, have been denied vaccinations. It cannot have been beyond the wit of the authorities to have prioritised key workers who have such a lot of interaction. We have heard from our followers aged over 80 who were confined to the home and quite happy to continue doing so and communicated their willingness to forgo vaccination for nurses/teachers/supermarket and other key workers. Needless to say, their public-spirited suggestion was flatly refused.

      You are right – it cannot be right. When will commonsense come into play?

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