A Tory rant has upset ‘Your Waverley’s residents.

Right here – right now – the residents of Waverley are grappling with failing businesses, COVID or post COVID, hanging onto their jobs and homeschooling their children.

There are others, with nothing better to do than criticise what people wear, and what their background is when they are on Zoom.


Dear Councillor Follows,

Here are our WW guys views on your attire for the recent Full Council meeting of Waverley Borough Council.

  • If you were wearing jogging bottoms or were sitting in your underpants – we don’t give a damned. We are far more concerned about what you say – and how you represent our views.
  • We think your sartorial elegance was exemplary – you didn’t need a tie.
  • After 9 hours on Zoom – because we presume like us, you have a day job too – we are amazed you can even see straight. Our eyes are bloodshot and look like road maps. Our ears are ringing like the bells of St Clements – and our brains are turning to mush.
  • As for the disgraceful remarks from a former council leader about officers’ children daring to rear their nasty little voices in the background during your hallowed meetings. What exactly are your staff supposed to do? Put their children into care during COVID?
  • We will not comment on the “unmade bed bit’ for a councillor who we presume has to use his bedroom for Zoom calls rather than his study! Surely everyone has a separate study these days don’t they. Perish the thought that they are deprived!
  • Except to say:

“It is better to keep your mouth closed and be thought to be a fool, than open it and remove all doubt.”

You can watch it here: No room for Zoom. A Waverley spat but not as bad as Handforth.

Taken from Cllr Follows Facebook Page

That we still have a councillor using their speaking time to comment that they don’t think someone has dressed appropriately in 2021 is a disgrace.

Can I ask, are residents alright that after 9 hours on zoom today I am not wearing a tie to this council meeting this evening?

PS: below is me dressing offensively to some conservative councillors tonight. You would think they would like blue?

7 thoughts on “A Tory rant has upset ‘Your Waverley’s residents.”

  1. Honestly – Who cares about the lack of tie it was the content that was important. I felt so sorry for Kate Edwards when her little ones started kicking off during her presentation.

    People just have to be a little kinder during this difficult time – I have had my dog and OH interrupt some of my Zoom Meetings as despite me having an office it is open plan to the living room – I cannot not lock them both away… Wishful thinking!

    1. On our office Zoom calls around the world – we just ignore backgrounds, dogs, children and doorbells as Amazon drops off yet another parcel! Who is this Robert Knowless – tell him to go get-a-life.

  2. Ridiculous to criticise this competent hardworking councillor for not wearing a tie. Whoever it was who criticised him for not being smart enough is certainly lacking in the smart brain department themselves. Such pettiness … wear what you like Councillor Follows – we enjoy listening to your smart words of wisdom.

    1. Thankfully down there in Godalming, you know who is working for you Chris – and so do many of your fellow residents.

  3. I watched the second part of the Council meeting last night, mainly for the debate on the Local Boundary Commission Electoral Review, as I was interested on the views between the new administration and the old one (Conservatives) as I expected sparks to fly.
    It didn’t disappoint!
    The Tory Dinosaurs (with very few exceptions) continually look backwards and want to preserve the past (that includes wearing ties) whilst the new administration want to move on and look forwards.
    The new administration wanted to reduce the number of Councillors to 50 or less, whilst the Tories were insistent on keeping the status quo of 57, even although some are clearly “unproductive”
    Who said Conservative controlled Councils aren’t Old Boys Clubs?
    Not me!

    1. Here at the Waverley Web – having watched all the Tory Dinosaurs, we were wondering if they were rehearsing for the latest production of Jurassic Park recently filmed at Dunsfold.

      Is it a Tory rule? We must all vote against anything that is proposed by the new administration – regardless?

  4. I did think this all a bit mad. We were talking about council rents last night at that point. So at the upper end of serious topics for a borough council.

    I’m getting organised trolling on this from the local young Tory group as result, which is a treat. Apparently I’m being disrespectful for pointing this out.

    I only point this out btw because it’s this sort of trivia that puts younger people off from standing for election.

    For me a good councillor is one who works hard for their residents, contributes, gives a damn and shows up. All the rest is surely just vanity?

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