A nasty shunt for the hapless Hunt?

Plastered – NO SILLY! Not that kind of plastered (although you could be forgiven for thinking he’d had one too many in the circumstances) as our MP recovers in the arms of the NHS at The Royal Surrey after hitting the road.

This week will not go down as one of his finest for our South West Surrey MP Jeremy Hunt and Valentine’s hug for Mrs H is looking decidedly awkward.

Our keen runner took a tumble on a patch of ice – not exactly his first slip-up though is it?

It may be churlish to hit a man when he’s down. But this week he made a Mea Culpa – in fact, a Maxima Mea Culpa. Saying: “I share blame for NHS response.”

About time too!  Was the muttered opinion of one or two of our correspondents but others felt he deserved praise for his honesty.

The Rt Hon gentleman admitted and has accepted that he shares some of the blame for the slow response to the pandemic because the health system was “on the back foot” due to decisions he made as health secretary.

Praise the Lord!  At last!  A politician owning up to his mistakes.  Did he take the lead from the Head-Honcho, when Boris humbled himself before the country when the death toll reached 100,000?

We here at the Waverley Web wonder what JH thought of the comments made by Annabel Denham, of the Institute of Economic Affairs, in our post yesterday? A failing NHS or poor Government policy and decision-making?

A failing NHS or poor Government policy and decision-making?

Mr Hunt, who was health secretary from 2012 to 2018, said he regretted failing to boost the NHS workforce numbers earlier in his tenure. He said failure to ensure adequate staff had held back England’s test and trace efforts. He also acknowledged “groupthink” in focusing pandemic preparations on influenza, rather than on more virulent Sars-like pathogens.

Well done Jeremy – you have lifted our spirits, here at the Waverley Web, even though yours may be a little low at the moment. A man prepared to admit his mistakes is as rare as hen’s teeth.

We at the Waverley Web wish you a speedy recovery and hope you enjoy spending more time with your family – even though they may be painting a picture that you would rather not have on your drawing rooms walls?!


4 thoughts on “A nasty shunt for the hapless Hunt?”

  1. There is certainly something strange going on with our Jeremy. I and others have noticed a number of occasions where he has spoken proper good old common sense. It’s not a complete recovery yet, but it’s certainly a start.
    He has also been caught sticking up for his constituents with Ministers and making half decent suggestions at the meetings of the Farnham Board. (Oh the freedom of being a back bencher)
    BUT IF he ever gets back into Government (which may be sooners that we think) he mustn’t return to his old bad habits.

    1. Yes, he’s beginning to turn into the opposition, like many of his other colleagues. No doubt due to the official opposition making such a bad job of things. Bolstered by the freedom of sitting on the backbench he can now say what he really thinks.

      1. What good is that though if when in a position to act..he acts as he has acted before.

        Anyone can say anything when they aren’t on the hook (and remember with his vote he props up his government colleagues so please don’t just give him a pass on some of these important things because he is putting the odd video out saying nice things).

  2. We think the Waverley Web was just being charitable for a change, because the bloke looked a bit sad?

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