Don’t despair – there’s help out there in ‘Your Waverley.’

NEWSFLASH – Vaccinations began today at CRANLEIGH VILLAGE HALL.

Paul Follow.  Deputy Leader of ‘Your Waverley- ‘Keeping in Touch.’
Good morning everyone.
The vaccination programme is clearly progressing, albeit a bit slower than I think we all want it to be. My understanding is that there is a shortage of storage/vials/needles etc and this is as much of an issue as the vaccine itself (but that this is also being addressed).
I am receiving regular updates from Public Health England, the Royal Surrey and a number of local GP’s.
Lots of issues about travel for vaccines. Waverley BC has made numerous suggestions on this – but this is almost wholly being managed by Central Government.
I would urge our MP to encourage Central Gov. to let Local Gov. help with this. It is far better placed to advise on suitability (these will be unknown places on a map to most MP’s and civil servants).
I want to thank residents for their response to the waste collection issues and temporary suspension of the green waste collection and for their fantastic comments about the staff.
Despite all the regulations – COVID enforcement powers are not the clearest in law.
For residents, a basic golden rule is this: police can enforce people, borough environmental health can enforce premises.
Please keep local and use common sense. I won’t say any more than that on exercise.
The government did not mandate the closure of parks. The borough can do this – but, like many residents, there is a very real debate about the mental health and wellbeing of children. If you are using the parks, again – please use caution and keep to the published guidance.
Just to finish, thank you to all residents, key workers and our council staff for everything you are doing.
I will continue to update as more information comes my way.
Please also see below a list of useful contacts ⤵️
Cllr Paul Follows
Deputy Leader, Waverley Borough Council
Leader, Godalming Town Council



3 thoughts on “Don’t despair – there’s help out there in ‘Your Waverley.’”

  1. All very well, but although Waverley BC were asked if the car park outside could be made free to people parking there for their vaccinations the Council said “No”. As a volunteer today, ushering people from their cars into the vaccination centre, it was disheartening to have conversations with the many elderly people who didn’t have any change for parking, and no time left before their slot to rush back home and get some change. I had an argument with the two (yes two!!) parking wardens who turned up to slap tickets on peoples’ cars. So, Paul Follows, for the many older folk turning up in this time of national crisis, perhaps you could consider this aspect?

  2. Tongue in cheek – we are sure all the Waverley borough councillors who read the Waverley Web will be doing something about the parking situation, where nearby car parks are used for the vaccination centres!?!

    As for the parking wardens – they of course belong to Guildford Borough Council – so I am certain they will be told to lay off. After all they lay off Cranleigh motorists most of the time – according to the residents who get in touch with us complaining!

    But of course, if they allow free car parking, no doubt we shall all be suffering huge council tax hikes just around the corner?

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