Godalming’s Balloon Fairy lifting spirits in ‘Your Waverley.’

There is absolutely no doubt that the latest lockdown announcement will have a huge impact on many people’s mental health.
If you need to talk to someone, there is support available
However – remember the following: Here’s a message from the Godalming Balloon Company. This is just one of the small local businesses in Waverley that operated throughout the March 2020 lockdown and is still going strong. A brownie and a balloon – could lift all our spirits.
Oooooh if a small business ever needed you, it’s now!
Hours may have to be a little flexible (I have two smalls to homeschool) but on every level, I will ensure balloons are received…after all, who doesn’t need a 🎈🧚‍♀️ in their life?
PLUS: My roomie @nellys.bakes does a glorious selection of cakes and brownies!


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