How dare they call Farnham “snooty!”


On another online media channel, our beloved town has been dubbed – by some – as “The snootiest town in Surrey.” Apparently due to overheard conversations in the likes of Waitrose and Waterstones.

There’s a link to the article in the sixth paragraph below.

Whilst we accept that everyone is entitled to their opinion – and as they say in our native Yorkshire – there’s nowt so queer as folk – to ridicule our adopted home turf on a satirical website needs a tongue-in-cheek response.

Members of our team here at the Waverley Web love our “occasional” shops in Waitrose – but enjoy our bargain hunting trips around our favourite store – Lidl in Dogflud Way. Nothing too snobby about that?  Even though it sells, and we buy a particularly tasty goats cheese!

Yes, our bloggers could be ridiculed as being among a bunch of middle-class snobs on the satirical website review on  I live here.

Read it for yourself – but it comes with a Waverley Web health warning. – Try to look away from the ear wax adverts – UGH!

LINK: The withering review pokes fun at the way people talk, the shops they use – and don’t use – and the way they park their cars. Well, we have to agree with the parking cars bit – unless of course, it’s in the Lidl car park, which is well-monitored and restricted to shoppers. Shoppers that seem to understand what the white lines are designed for!

While the bit of fun is written to provoke debate and retaliation, no punches are pulled. Apparently, the way we speak irritates. Well from our home village on the outskirts of Harrogate, we pretty much all boast the North country lilt and are still admitted and welcomed by Waitrose, or Sainsbury’s for the Wensleydale cheese. We also go to Lidle for those delicious herrings in cream sauce.

There are some posh people in Farnham – in Guildford – and in Godalming. In Haslemere too and we suspect in Cranleigh/Bramley and most certainly in Dunsfold. A place made famous for its worried wealthy who don’t want planes – fast cars on the Top Gear circuit – but don’t mind as long as they are in the driving seat on the country roads. They certainly don’t want lots of new homes, and even went to the trouble of setting up an organisation called Protect Our Waverley (POW) to defend it. Didn’t rock up to defend Farnham and our environs though!

However, warts and all – our band of brothers and sisters love living in Farnham – going to The Maltings, visiting the shops and cafe’s – when they re-open. Treasure our Farnham Park,  love the friendly atmosphere and courteous service in the town shops. We to a man, hate the social distancing bollards all over the place – but love the friendly atmosphere and believe Farnham Town Council does a damn good job. It has certainly looked after us all during the COVID pandemic. ‘Thank you FTC and thank you Waverley BC – you did well.

We even boast a castle, and in a poll carried out in 2018 – guess what? Farnham was crowned one of the happiest places to live in Great Britain. That is according to Rightmove’s annual Happy at Home Index that was based on a survey which asked more than 21,000 people how happy they are where they live.

So perhaps moving to Farnham should be given a go – even to find out just how ‘snobby’ we all are? You may be in for a bit of a surprise.


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