Is the Hon Angie helping Boris prepare the ground for a behemoth unitary authority?

Pretty damn sure she is.

But, as she said about the concerns Guildford residents have about the new housing targets that could be coming their way if ‘Bob The Builder’ Secretary of State for Housing Robert Jenrick gets his way. 

“Be careful what you wish for,” 

 She recently told the amazing Guildford Dragon that if Guildford doesn’t  accept more homes in the countryside around Guildford they may end up with ‘high rise.” Watch it, Angie! Start telling your Tory voters that their treasured town may soon end up looking like Woking, and your stint at Westminster could be short-lived!

Regular readers will know that we certainly aren’t fans of La Richardson – she of the Rupert Bear scarves and unforgettable Leprechaun outfit (who could forget the Leprechaun?!) – but, regrettably,  the dishonourable Anne Milton former Conservative MP threw her toys out of the pram – and stuck two fingers up to Boris & Brexit, as a result, he threw her out of the Party and didn’t drape one of the most hard-working and highly respected MP’s Guildford has ever had, in ermine.  Standing as an Independent didn’t scupper the Tory Tanker either! However, Angie is now in post having helped fill the Tory coffers both in her constituency and centrally she surely earned her reward and is now a PPS to the beleaguered Gavin Williamson.

The MP for Guildford has spoken out for the first time recently revealing a hidden desire to see the County of Surrey become a behemoth Unitary Authority swiping out in its path to autonomy all the 11 other boroughs and districts. Some of whom cover large towns like Guildford and Woking – and other more rural borough’s such as ‘Your Waverley.’ Well, she would, wouldn’t she? She didn’t get where she is today without doing the government’s bidding. Look where that landed her predecessor Annie Milton – spending more time with her family – and serving the community by answering their e-mails?

Ms Milton must be seething to hear that the Hon Angie – who is getting brickbats for not dealing with constituency work, hinted she didn’t receive a handover of local casework from the former MP for Guildford and Villages! Really? Maybe Annie needs to get her Gun? The Hon Angie claims most of her good works are carried on” behind the scenes.”

It was also striking to hear that she knew that the Surrey County County Elections will be going ahead in May 2020 long before it was made public.  Because of course she has been kept regularly informed of the selection process for all the new Tory candidates by her Guildford  Conservative Association colleagues. Perhaps, before re-selecting Cranleigh’s little Povey the local association will need to find him first.

 She even spoke about the county council with the Royal “we.” Does the MP for Guildford & Villages really believe that the Tories have a divine right to rule for ever-more in Surrey?

Our Little Andrew Povey. Surrey County Councillor for Cranleigh and villages. 

The WW understands the cry’s have been going out at local parish councils.

 “Has anyone out there seen our little Povey?

Because not only has he repeatedly failed to rock up at parish councils on his patch, he never even bothers to send in a report.




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