How ‘Your Waverley’ fared in the Coronavirus ratings.

Despite being one of the largest towns in Surrey – Woking has the lowest rate of COVID-19 infections in the county.

The number of cases in Woking 188. Rate of Infection 185.8

All the more significant as Woking has a large ethnic population, a group which has been badly affected by the virus around the rest of the country.

Why? We wonder. According to the local MP Jonathan Lord – Simples. The vast majority of his constituency had responded to the virus epidemic in an “exemplary fashion.”

However, what he didn’t say was how well the local nursing homes had responded in the early days of the infection when they refused to take in any residents from hospitals, ensuring they had the right PPE, closed to any visitors, and prepared isolation areas for any eventuality before the official lock-down began.

Mr Lord, who is a regular visitor to the town’s nursing homes, said he was extremely grateful to Woking’s residents and businesses, who had followed government, scientific and medical advice. He said the number of local infringements had been “vanishingly small,’

He was delighted that Woking has one of the lowest infection rates in the whole of Surrey, and I know we will do our best to keep it that way, even though we have now started the vital task of opening up our shops’ businesses and schools.”

Waverley did not fare quite so well. The number of cases 305. Rate of Infection 242.8

Farnham town centre 

There have been more than 300 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the borough of Waverley, which includes its largest towns of Farnham and Godalming. 

South West Surrey MP Jeremy Hunt said  “I think on the whole residents in Waverley have been very sensible and have followed and adapted to government guidelines which explain the relatively low infection rates in the borough.

“We’ve had a fantastic local response from the community and have also seen councils working together along with groups and volunteers to support those shielding or struggling. We are also very fortunate to have some amazing health and care professionals and brilliant neighbouring hospitals where the response has been first class.”

Guildford – number of cases 386. Rate of infection 261

Guildford High Street 

With just short of 400 confirmed cases of coronavirus, Guildford and its surrounding areas have the fourth-highest rate of infection across Surrey according to figures from the Health Service Journal (HSJ).

Guildford and Cranleigh MP Angela Richardson was contacted for comment but did not respond.  

A total of 96 patients have died within the Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust following a positive test for coronavirus, as of June 15.

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