Is Surrey’s PCC a bit of a hypocrite?

You couldn’t make it up – really you couldn’t. What a very short memory Surrey’s Police and Crime Commissioner possesses?  

Munroe gets th boot
Munro gets the boot from the Guildford Conservative Association


The man who has had his tenure extended for a further year due to the postponement of this month’s PCC election is now calling for more traveller sites!

WWeb thinks the man doth protest too much. Twas he of the two-faced variety that persistently resisted  any gypsy sites becoming established on land near Dunsfold airfield when he was a Tory councillor at ‘Your Waverley.’ 

Research by the WW reveals this protracted planning saga concerned private land bought by an elderly Romany named Lydia. The battle between the gypsies and ‘Your Waverley’ spanned a decade and appeals went through five public inquiries – costing many hundreds of thousands of pounds. It was finally consented by a Government Inspector, as he argued the council had not provided its share of traveller sites in its area.  

 ‘Your Waverley’ under its former Tory administration then extended the New Acres transit site in Stovolds  Hill by another 37 pitches. The planners have recently allowed another site to become established near Lydia Park in Stovolds Hill. So there are now four sites within spitting distance of Dunsfold’s proposed new Government-backed Garden Village.

Are Waverley’s eastern​ villages under siege​?​ From up, down, and all-around​?

Mr Munro who was adamantly opposed to gypsy sites in Waverley during his term at Waverley and then again at Surrey County Council now does a complete volte-face and says he wants temporary sites set up in Surrey – as a “matter of urgency.” He says the Government  – should take on greater responsibility by compelling local authorities to provide sites.” Really, Mr Munro – really?  

Here is an article from the Guildford Dragon.

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4 thoughts on “Is Surrey’s PCC a bit of a hypocrite?”

  1. The travellers themselves prefer smaller sites. Waverley prefer to place most of them on its Far Eastern border away from where their Councillors live.

  2. We understand that the gypsies themselves didn’t want a fourth site on their doorstep either. You are right, no councillors living around there, but MP Jeremy Hunt is not too far away we understand?

  3. David Munro is talking about TRANSIT sites and is correct in stating that this will help prevent illegal traveller encampments. Please research your subject properly before criticising people that are trying to address the needs of residents. David please continue to lobby for this much needed facility which will help remove unwanted intrusions and all that goes with this problem alongside speedier legal action against the trespassers.

  4. And what do you suppose the sites at Dunsfold were then Jim? – They
    were and some still are transit sites. Perhaps it is you who should research your subject properly.

    When he was Waverley Councillor Munro, he certinly didn’t want to address the needs for transit sites then. As for speedier legal action against trespassers – where were you during your tenure as a Waverley councillor when further illegal respassing was going on in Dunsfold/Alfold and in Cranleigh – turning a blind eye again?

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