We knew it, nursing homes knew it, hospitals and their staff knew it. Now…even…our local entrepreneur knows it.

Our MP Jeremy Hunt who helped to leave us totally unprepared for the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Pleased with myself, of course, I’m pleased with myself. Now I can sit on the sidelines and criticise the Government, for the mistakes I made.” 

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So who better to chair an influential Commons committee responsible for scrutinising the Government’s NHS and social care performance than… yes, you guessed. The Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt our MP for South West Surrey!

After 15 years as our MP, The Hon Jeremy has also just recognised that Farnham’s serious air quality and traffic issues should have been dealt with.

Wow! Halleluiah!! Now spurred on by his showing in the general election, along with others, he now pledges to find a solution to air quality issues that are disappearing as we write. Due to the unforeseen benefit of the virus which has traffic disappearing like magic from our streets.

 Problem solved?

Whilst campaigning to become our next Prime Minister Jeremy Hunt made the jaw-dropping admission that he had been responsible for the cuts to health and social care. And as they say down on the farm – all the chickens are now coming home to roost. For weeks he has been pontificating about one thing and another. Calling for a massive ramping up of testing.  As the longest Secretary of State for Health shouldn’t he have ensured there were adequate infection controls and apparatus available to deal with a pandemic, should one ever arise?

So where were you, Jeremy, when you ignored The  Cygnus Exercise findings? Busy purchasing Bye to Lets or fighting junior doctors?

How do we ever learn lessons if we don’t look back on past mistakes?Tell the Truth

 In 2016 the Government conducted a full-scale pandemic response exercise called ‘Cygnus’. The purpose of this was to understand the areas of strain in the NHS should there be a viral pandemic. It had many findings, but three stand out:

A lack of critical care beds;

A lack of ventilators;

                                                         A lack of personal, protective equipment (PPE).

‘Your Waverley’s’ Deputy Leader Paul Follows has dared to speak out and has been trolled for doing so by non-other than Mr.Hunt’s Election Agent Sean-Donovan-Smith, who accuses him of politicising the Coronavirus epidemic. Perish the thought that SDS would ever do such a thing! A  couple of other Tory trolls also waded in on social media, because they just can’t get over losing control of Waverley Council.. We will post on Cllr Follows letter to JH with his comments in a later post. image0-1


Now Mr Hunt is calling for changes to social care. The very same social care that has been galloping towards the abyss for years, under his 16 year watch. Now judgment day has arrived and thousands of old people have died, or have been seriously injured by the Covid-19 epidemic together with their grieving families. In nursing homes where there has been, up until a week ago – no testing and without PPE. By a Government that has just woken up to the fact that the elderly, living cheek by jowel  in nursing homes are – “vulnerable.” Welcome to the Planet Zonk?

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Mr. Hunt has now been elected chair of an influential Commons committee responsible for scrutinising the government’s NHS and social care performance.

He is no doubt well aware by now that here in his constituency like others in Surrey the County Council can only provide care at home to those in ‘critical need’ and we have evidence that not all even those will ever receive care! 

The social care system also relies on nursing home residents paying top whack until all their funds dry up, to subsidise local authority residents as the fees the council pay is considerably lower.  Many care homes around the country are now in crisis and carers unprepared for the coronavirus that homes face. Mr. Hunt, the longest-serving health secretary and a cabinet minister in both David Cameron and Theresa May’s administration, defeated Tory rivals to head the committee in a secret ballot.


9 thoughts on “We knew it, nursing homes knew it, hospitals and their staff knew it. Now…even…our local entrepreneur knows it.”

  1. The only way we can get rid of Jeremy Hunt is to promote him into the house of Lords. He now sends me what he calls his daily update but he always takes weekends off – unlike you.

    1. Or, perhaps as he is always boasting about all his skills as an entrepreneur he could just go away, make money, and let the seat go to someone who wants to work with Waverley Council to help our borough?

  2. I am no fan of Hunt’s and he is responsible for many of the NHS woes but he is not responsible for the lack of PPE. All hospital Trusts have procurement departments and are responsible for the purchase of PPE, where are the trolls calling for their heads? These people are paid large salaries to not do their job. It must also not be forgotten that PPE has a shelf life, if it was purchased and just sitting there the Gov’t would be accused of wasting money when it was thrown away unused. I hear a lot of complaints from the media and opposition about the Gov’ts lack of action at certain times, what I don’t hear is how they would have acted without the benefit of hindsight.

    1. We could get a lot deeper into the Cygnus exercise that was conducted in 2016, but that was on his watch and did have findings on this subject on which there appears to be no action.

      1. I agree that he has much to answer but PPE could not have been bought and stored because of the shelf life and Matt Hancock seems to be doing ok it seems that everyone is suddenly an expert but only after the fact.

    2. Perhaps someone should ask – where did all the PPE go that was in storage and disappeared? Whilst we agree hindsight is a wonderful thing, Hunt was warned, but ignored the warnings. Where is the accountability?

      1. Either Hunt bought PPE and it has disappeared ( by disappeared I mean misappropriated) or he was reckless and it wasn’t there, can’t have it both ways and if it was purchased in 2016 it would have been useless now

  3. If I was a cynic, is it really possible that J Hunt was appointed Chairman of the Health and Social Care Committee, so that the very same committee wouldn’t be able to drag him in front of it, to demand answers to his dereliction of duty?
    Dear me, its like putting a lunatic in charge of the asylum. But I suppose he will be able to identify who’s not doing a proper job.

    1. Another job for the boy – more like – because the whole social care system in this country is in a mess, and nobody knows that better than Jeremy Hunt.

      As for knowing who’s not doing a proper job – he just needs to look in the mirror.

      As for the Hon Angie who represents part of the borough – has anyone heard from her? She couldn’t even manage one whole meetings with SCC and YW – but disappeared half-way through in a puff of smoke. Of course JH couldn’t rock up again because he is far too busy criticising the Government.

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