Now there is a Petition to stop MP’s getting an extra £10,000 to help them and their “teams” to work from home.

A couple of days ago the Waverley Web put up the following post. Now Change.Org has launched a petition. You can sign by clicking on the link below by putting the subject in the search box. You can also link into the Waverley Web and read comments.

Obviously, our Waverley MP’s don’t already have the technology to work from home as a week ago they couldn’t join all the Town and Parish Council chiefs in a video conference with Waverley Council to discuss important issues – including the Coronavirus. However, this week when the same important video conference was held at least the Hon Jeremy gave his apologies. Too busy on matters of state to rock up? Mr Sanctimonious was busy grilling the Health Secretary Matt Hancock on, lack of testing; lack of PPE and other Government failures! Nothing to do with ME Mylord??

The Hon Angie, MP for Guildford & Villages, was is far too busy to rock up or give her apologies!  No doubt, she was too busy gearing up for working from home to interest herself in the matters of ‘Your Waverley’s parish pump? 

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This is a post we made earlier!

We asked a few Waverley Borough Councillors whether they expected a cash bonus for working from home. You know for all those telephone calls, e-mails, video conferences and setting up support through all manner of means during the COVID-19 crisis. Some have even been holding their normal meetings online, which is seemingly beyond the wit of the Government?

The answer WW received was an emphatic No! 

The Rt Hon ‘Entrepreneur’  Jeremy Hunt has now morphed into the RT Hon ‘Sanctimonious’  –  the longest Health Minister in history has been bashing the Government for not running the NHS as he would wish.

He knows, and we all know, that in 2015 when he was head honcho there was a ‘pandemic exercise’ carried out. This revealed that the NHS did not have sufficient ventilators or other equipment and would effectively ‘fall over’ in the face of thousands of people dying. Numerous whistleblowers were ignored, and then sacked and thrown on the scrapheap during his tenure, and many of the ills suffered in our NHS can be laid at his multi-million-pound property empire’s doors.

Now in addition to his £81,932 salary plus expenses – and probably more for taking on the role of select health committee chairman for Health and Social Care he and his colleagues have been offered by the Government £10,000 extra cash, for assistance to work from home. 

Neither he or the Hon Angie the MP for Guildford & Villages, could even be bothered to rock up last week for ‘Your Waverley’s’ online conference held for leaders of Surrey County Council and the Waverley Towns – Godalming, Haslemere, Farnham and Cranleigh. Neither didn’t even have the courtesy to drop a line before or afterwards to say why not!

Are our councillors being offered an extra tuppence for working from home,  as sure as hell we bet they are not? In fact some, we believe, don’t even claim the normal expenses they are offered!

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Perhaps this dismal duo of MP’s who represent us should be donating their £10,000 to the tireless care home staff who are struggling with inadequate or no Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). No doubt that will be top of JH’s list when he holds his next Select Committee meeting for Health and Social Care? As for the Hon Angie, we understand from our correspondents she refers to the ‘Herculean’ efforts of others in Government but is doing s*d all herself – most residents, or councillors,  can’t even get a response to an e-mail! However, we understand former MP Anne Milton has risen to the challenge, as always, and is doing her bit for her old constituency.

Or perhaps ‘YW’s’ MP’s could go one better and follow the example of Waverley Councillors like John Robini and the town council in Haslemere, Paul Follows and the town council in Godalming, the stalwarts in Farnham, the Town Council and The Maltings.  Liz Townsend and the parish council in Cranleigh who together with well over 100 Street Champions all rallying the troops to keep vulnerable elderly people, and the disabled fed and watered, and with their medication safe in their own homes.

The contact details for Farnham are as


MPs can claim £10,000 to work from home

MPs are entitled to receive an additional £10,000 to their existing office budgets to assist them while they work from home. According to The Times, “The extra budget can be used to buy equipment such as laptops and printers for MPs and their staff, or to cover additional electricity, heating and phone bills.”

Concerns have been raised though that there is nothing in rules, set by the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority, to prevent members claiming it for themselves. £10,000 does seem very generous, given that a suite of computer/office equipment can be purchased for less than £1,800.

Our political director James Roberts gave his thoughts to The Times“While it’s reasonable for MPs’ staff to have access to the equipment they need to work from home during this crisis, politicians should take care to use the cash properly and avoid it being seen as a personal equipment slush fund.”

We’ll be monitoring how MPs use the extra cash in the coming months.

One thought on “Now there is a Petition to stop MP’s getting an extra £10,000 to help them and their “teams” to work from home.”

  1. Tory bashing as ever!
    Have not heard of a single LibDem MP or indeed any other refusing the £10K!
    Clearly WW has not a clue what chairing a select committee involves.
    The UK has tiered government levels, why WW thinks elected MPs should be involved in absolutely every decision etc that SCC or WBC makes is beyond reason.
    Will be very interesting this coming week to see which MPs pitch up at the HoC when their presence is unnecessary yet still take the £10K
    Could WW please return to some form of political neutrality? their political bias is now so transparent it is tedious

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