Cranleigh Rugby Club scores a try for volunteers as Street Champions and the NHS.

Please send the Waverley Web a picture – when you are a hairless wonder Mr Tetley.

Screen Shot 2020-04-04 at 11.33.20.pngTetley’s Going Bald For The NHS

Hello Everyone,

As a lot of you know I have had my beard for a very long time. If i get 300 likes on my Facebook post and you donate some money into the NHS charity, I will shave off all my facial hair and my head hair tonight!! 

Many thanks for your donations so far and stay safe!

Screen Shot 2019-09-20 at 14.28.29



Go on put your name down to help Liz Townsend’s Street Champions – You know every little helps!

Just click on the surveymonkey link below.

Become a Street Champion in Cranleigh

Help your community during the Covid-19 Crisis – Cranleigh Street Champions

Liz Townsend, Chair of the Cranleigh Parish Council has put a shout out to Cranleigh Rugby Club as they need our help. They desperately need more volunteers to sign up as Street Champions to help the elderly, the vulnerable and those in self-isolation. These guys provide a vital service in the Cranleigh community, in looking after people that live close by; from picking up medication to providing basic food essentials or even just a phone to call to check in that they are ok. Depending on the time you can provide you will be paired up with a few people that need our help at this unprecedented time.

As many of you know Liz Townsend is Phil Townsend’s (CRFC Grounds Secretary) wife. She does a huge amount of work for Cranleigh and our community, it would be great if we can pay something back, support this initiative and look after our neighbours.

All the details are on the link below,

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