Free parking for all in ‘Your Waverley’ in a bid to help NHS and key workers.

A message from Waverley Borough Councillor Nick Palmer.
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My Labour colleague George Wilson suggested to me (as the portfolio-holder for parking) that we should make Waverley’s car parks free of charge for carers, NHS staff and other essential workers.

I was initially sceptical because the council is staring into a financial pit with everything that’s going on, but on reflection, I agreed that it made sense not to charge the very people who come to our area to help us. In addition, my LibDem colleague Paul Follows said that in many areas people were actually struggling to park on-street because everyone’s at home! – so it really makes sense to welcome these vital visitors to our car parks.

 John Ward, the Farnham Resident council leader, pointed out that it would avoid endless bureaucracy and hassle if we simply made them free till further notice to anyone who needs them. The other Executive members swiftly agreed, as did the leader of the Conservative Opposition, Julia Potts, so it will take effect from tonight – a nice example of cross-party cooperation at this challenging time for us all.

Best Wishes Nick.

But just remember this is not an open invitation to get into your cars just for the sake of it. We are urged to isolate and only make journeys for food, and the pharmacy.

4 thoughts on “Free parking for all in ‘Your Waverley’ in a bid to help NHS and key workers.”

  1. There was obvious concern that ANY loss of revenue would have a detrimental impact on the Council’s financial position. But given that most car parks in Farnham were mostly empty anyway, before the decision was taken, the revenue stream had already reduced.
    Despite the press release being given some clever “spin” I would expect most Councillors were in favour regardless.

  2. We are sure you are right, we have had pictures sent to us here at the Waverley Web showing Farnham car parks empty.

    We are sure that most councillors would have been in favour, but of course, this will have a huge impact on the council’s finances. It relies heavily upon car park income.

  3. Hi. So we had been discussing this around the edges for a little while. I don’t think it is any secret that pretty much all councils are probably somewhat over-reliant on parking. Waverley is of course no different in that respect (as much as lots of us would like it to be different most of us don’t support the only ‘quick’ way to redress that without central government actually funding local government properly, council tax rises).

    Over the last couple of days many members of the executive had been discussing it. Almost all of us has individual raised it with Nick (portfolio holder) and it certainly did the rounds on the exec WhatsApp group.

    John and I both had a view from Farnham and Godalming respectively about how ultimately the revenue question was out of our hands anyway.

    As you say, I’ve not seen any councillor of any group be against this. It was the right thing to do.

  4. Well done Waverley Borough Council for taking this welcomed step. Even though very few people are out and about, it is a huge benefit to be able to nip to the Chemist to pick up a precription without going to the machine to pay for parking. One less surfaceto touch. Helping us to stay safe.

    However, sooner or later Government has to fund councils properly, though where the money will come from now – heaven knows. Stay safe.

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