Minister says food banks are a “perfect way” to meet challenges of “difficult times”

The Tories may think so – but we here at the Waverley are quite simply horrified. Even more so, now that they are being rebranded ‘food redistribution centres,’ as though this is some  official source for food! Before we know it they will have a new tag line like – ‘every little helps?’

And just in case you thought Food Banks were mainly used outside leafy stockbroker belt Surrey – including Waverley. Think again, they are operating all over our borough and the county every day. Should this be happening?

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Food bank use has increased by around 2,800% since the Tories came to power.

Government Work & Pensions Secretary Therese Coffey.


Food bank use has increased by around 2,800% since 2010, mainly a result of changes to the social security system.

The minister’s comments came after new Labour MP Zarah Sultana said in Parliament that the fact there are more food banks in the UK than McDonalds was a“national scandal”.

McDonalds has just paid off its British boss with a £30m payout so Sultana asked: “Does the Minister accept that it is a gross injustice that nurses are forced to use food banks while fat-cat bosses receive obscene pay-outs?”

Work and Pensions Secretary Therese Coffey replied that food banks are …


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Zarah Sultana MP


It’s a national scandal that nurses are forced to rely on foodbanks while fat-cat bosses continue to receive obscene pay-outs.

I’m in Parliament to fight against this rigged economy.

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Food bank use has shot up dramatically since the Conservatives came to power in 2010. According to research by Parliament, in 2009/2010 around 40,000 food parcels were handed out. In 2016/2017, that figure was 1,200,000. This is a 2,800% increase.

According to analysis by the Trussel Trust, 40% of people using food banks are doing so because of a problem with their benefit payments.

 Benefit changes have led to an increased use of sanctions, when people are deprived of their benefit income for (often minor) incidents of not following the rules. For example, being late for an appointment.

The introduction of the new Universal Credit benefit system has also led to an increased use of food banks, as the poorest have lost out most from the system.

So are food banks really a “perfect way” of stopping people starving? Wouldn’t a functioning welfare state be better?


One thought on “Minister says food banks are a “perfect way” to meet challenges of “difficult times””

  1. It couldn’t be more depressing – Why? There has to be a better way of dealing with this – No-one should have to be in such need that they have to use Food Banks – But thank Goodness they are there.
    Come on Boris – Make sure that people are Paid a decent wage and those in need, for what ever reason, have help when they need it – It is not rocket science is it? – and relying on Charities to fill the gap simply isn’t good enough

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