Was Farnham’s Air Quality Summit another load of hot air?

WW – will let Farnham and villages make up their own minds about the Summit that debated the poor air quality that is wafting over their town.

Sadly our reporter had hoped to attend the event which, we understand trawled over  Surrey County Council and ‘Your Waverley’s failures going back over 20 years.
However, she had her priorities right – and instead attended the GP, with her small daughter, suffering from yet another asthma attack!
Her comment: “Walk to school with young children, or babies, do the people who suggest this ever walk on pavements on busy roads with HGV’s thundering past? Because if they did, they would realise the effects of toxic fumes on the lungs of young children.”
You can listen to Paul Follows’ view on the event by clicking on the link below: There will be a full report in The Farnham Herald.

2 thoughts on “Was Farnham’s Air Quality Summit another load of hot air?”

  1. As talk of a general election is in the air, is this blog now a Lib Dem campaigning media? It seems to be increasingly so with the images like the one you posted above.

    1. Certainly isn’t pro tory… Not really any other real parties in Waverley and judging from the Council elections Tories are not in favour so much. Just reflecting the general mood.

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