Is this how to acquire planning permission if you are/or were a legal officer at ‘Your Waverley​?

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The actual application under discussion begins at 1 hour 18mins as ‘Your Waverley’ streams meetings for hours before meetings take place.  A previous application which included permission for a new building in the garden was allowed earlier. Just listen to what the objectors have to say.

4 thoughts on “Is this how to acquire planning permission if you are/or were a legal officer at ‘Your Waverley​?”

  1. Or live in the Dockenfield ward where Brian Adams doesn’t seem to know his arse from his elbow and what’s going on

    1. It appears you have the answer to Rosaleen’s comments. Hopefully Cllr Potts will get herself up to speed soon with local issues on her new patch?

  2. I never thought I would find myself agreeing with Cllr Adams, but the “minor alterations” do indeed change the application and it should have been dealt with as such. Increasing the height of the ridge alone was a significant alteration without the increase in fenestration. The fact that the decision could be overturned on appeal is not a good enough reason to fall over and have your tummy tickled. What is odd is that I thought Mr Adams was the local Councillor for Frensham and Dockenfield, if I am right why did he not bring the original application before the Planning Committee?

  3. The last paragraph of your​ comment sums up our thoughts entirely. Why indeed didn’t Cllr Adams take the original application before the committee? Probably because he was too busy campaigning in the local elections. Or being charitable, just missed it?

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