A bit of a barny going on at the Waverley Web.

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Our recent post How to turn a solemn occasion into a farce – Waverley style! The egos have landed? has caused a bit of a stir. Some comments 18 at the last count, and considerably more  to contact@waverleyweb.com  

Some of you are so shy – WHY? We won’t tell – promise.

Thing is, someone mentioned that the Tories had turned down an offer from the new administration to select two members to serve on a  new and expanded Executive. An Executive that may not be there for that much longer, as not everyone is entirely happy with Cabinet-style government.  Here at the WW – we think it stinks and is far less democratic than the committee system.

You can bet your Granny’s pension that the officers would rather have their eyes poked out with a blunt stick than make that change?

Anyway – here’s what Paul Follows  Lib Dem Deputy Leader has to say below:

The Leader John Ward is staying schtum possibly because he’s in Farnham people’s doghouse due to the way he has treated the man who founded Farnham Residents’ and who was mainly responsible for its election successes. A man who has been unceremoniously shoved aside.  Tell us if we are wrong Cllr Hyman – you have been remarkably quiet when all about you are losing their wigs?

Cllr Paul Follows has burst into print saying he would like to clear up a few misconceptions: Responding to Tory good guy David Else…

If the leader (of any party) nominates someone, they can decline?

However – it’s the group/party leaders that have this conversation. We can’t cherrypick who we would like from the Conservatives (I wish we could). The offer goes to Julia Potts – for your group to have 2 seats on the executive – she declined on behalf of her group.



So is the Potty tail wagging the Tory Dog? 


So there we have the answer to our Q. Who were the two Tories who declined? None – because, surprise, surprise  The Potty One decided! And, if she who must be obeyed says Nine, None, Niet; Nao; and in Chinese BÙ to you! If it’s not my party then I’m not playing?  Wonder if she asked her colleagues?

Tell us Cllr Townsend; Else; Deanus; Seabourne please do? And, if not why not?

Back to Cllr Follows…

Each group leader was responsible for sorting our their committee allocations. I can only speak for the process I used for the Lib Dem group. I proposed some individuals for the executive (for the seats on our ‘side’) – which the group signed off on. People I nominated, by the way, were because they had a specific outside professional capability in that area which made sense rather than anything else. I have this apparently novel approach where I want councillors to be as active and capable as possible in the roles that they hold. This was something that extended back even to when we were picking candidates before the election and I really do think we have an excellent group of 14.

In our meeting anyway, I just opened it up to the floor in our group meeting – I have a lot of new councillors so everything is a bit new in that sense. Following that meeting (and about 400 emails between the group later) we got to something everyone was happy with – based upon what people wanted, the experience they had, hours they could or could not put in etc.

We have group leaders in the Lib Dems (in this case it’s me) but it’s not some autocratic nonsense – its a collaboration or it wouldn’t work. I actually have no idea how the other groups pick their committee seats but I just went for what is natural to me in this position and just asked the group and talked to people.

Hope that makes sense anyway and happy to answer anything further.

Paul Follows

Who was it that just a day or so ago said: “The way forward is for us ALL to work together?”

The Mayor Cranleigh’s Mary Forysewski. Get your whip out girl and act as ringmaster to make it happen. 

6 thoughts on “A bit of a barny going on at the Waverley Web.”

  1. Firstly, is Paul suggesting that Jerry was offered a seat on the Exec and declined ? We still don’t have a definitive answer – surely this new age of openness and transparency is not faltering already ?

    Secondly, and for the sake of clarity, Julia has not made any decisions since the election without full consultation with all members of the Conservative Group. Each member of the group was made fully aware that offer of places on the Exec had been made and each and every one of us declined. Julia then conveyed that message to John & Paul.

    1. Not suggesting anything because at the end of the day Internal matters of the Farnham residents group are entirely their internal matters.

      Likewise I have zero idea how a Conservative group runs internally either. Strangely I don’t spend much time worrying about that 🙂

    2. We don’t think Paul was suggesting that anyone had been offered a seat. The offer, we understand was made to Julia Potts the Leader of the Conservative Group.

      However, we are very doubtful that he was offered a seat by the Farnham Residents’ as it would appear he is persona non grata in that group? Not that we have heard that straight from the councillor’ mouth so to speak, as he doesn’t very often comment on our site. However, we will write to him and ask?

      Each and every one of you declined Julia’s offer? Really – are you absolutely sure. Hate to disagree with you but you are wrong!

      You can be sure he will tell it as it is.

      A little harsh perhaps to speak of the new administrations – ‘new age of openness and transparency faltering?’

      In the first few months of a new administration, there are many lumps and bumps to be ironed out. But when they are up and running and firing on all four cylinders, the WW will be watching, of that, you may be assured.

      Watch this space?

      1. I am absolutely sure because I was in the room with them at the time. If someone has since changed their mind since that is their affair.
        Who exactly is going to ‘tell it as it is’ ?
        Re the openness and transparency, it was WW that threw down the 100 to 1 challenge as to who kept Jerry out of the Exec, not me, and we who were expecting an open and transparent answer are still waiting.
        This is getting a bit boring now, so I think I’ll bow out.

  2. Bit of a “Game of Drones” me thinks…….

    Just get on with it WBC………. We don’t have time to be mucking around with politics get on and run the Borough and do it together! Sort out the Pot holes the fact that there is B all you can now take to the Cranleigh CRC now… Make the lives of the people that voted for you a little better – A make us all love you all a little more.

    I am on hols – With no internet – But thankfully a bit of WiFi Borrowing has given me the chance to get on line this evening… I hope by the time I return this rubbish will have dissipated and the Borough Council will be getting on with their work.

    By the way WW – I do not think you can ask Mary F to get the Whip out – she is not the Leader she is the MAYOR – which I believe is non-political and more about doing good and social things for the borough not beating the heads of the various opposing parties together???

    I am sure Cllr Hyman is more than capable of looking after himself and knows exactly what he is doing and it will be for the good of the residents and not for political reasons.

  3. Agree with your sentiments wholeheartedly. Fact is Farnham Residents’ choose who they wanted to be the head honchos, same applies to all the other parties. Simple fact is the Pi**ed off Tories don’t want to play – they just want to sit on the sidelines and throw stones.

    Let’s give the new administration a chance – and if they cannot change, or at least kick up a fuss bout what is going on in this borough, then the WW be on the case.

    As for the Mayor, that is a very powerful job, non political UMMM?, but she can move things forward in the way she wants to … which is working together for all our sakes. So maybe one Tory will be working with the opposition to improve the face of “Our Waverley.’

    Have a happy holiday.

    PS we are sure Cllr Hyman is big enough to take whatever comes his way on the chin.

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