The WW election picture caption competition​.

Normally three’s a crowd but in this rainbow bromance – – nobody is missing the Blues.

Does this show the Leader and Deputy Leader of the NEW Waverley? Or, Will Farnham Residents’ be putting its candidate forward to lead YourWaverley?

Just a little gentle reminder about Leadership… So the same mistakes, made by the last lot, are not repeated. at ‘YW.’ 

Leadership is about humility. Don’t boast. Look after your team, do your job well, other people will sing your praises for you. It is not about bossing people around or controlling them, but about “giving subordinates the opportunity to express themselves, and to prove themselves. Give them the chance to be judged by you, and they won’t let you down.”



From left to right. Cllr Paul Follows, Richard Ashworth and Steve Williams. Richard Ashworth Labour Town Councillor for Godalming Central & Ockford
 Steve Williams, Waverley Councillor and Godalming Town Councillor for Godalming Charterhouse, who topped the votes in Charterhouse
Steve led the ‘Godalming Three’ expelled by Labour for supporting Louise Irvine against Jeremy Hunt:

7 thoughts on “The WW election picture caption competition​.”

  1. Naughty WW it is not Jack Lee in the middle it’s Labour’s own Richard Ashworth.

  2. Wise words. We’ll do our best. I’m the unkempt one in the middle distinguished by a red rosette. Jack Lee is of course independent.

  3. Thank you all for telling us we got it too wrong. We must remember not to take a hip flask with us to the next count!! It was just soooooo long and drawn out, who can blame us?

    1. VERY long count. Having been there for the duration on both days I was very much done by the end of that!

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