It was social media what did it for the Tories?

Its called the blame game.

Thankfully – so far nobody is blaming the Waverley Web for the lambasting handed out to the Tories in last week’s elections. It is all down to the Godalming Community Board featured here.

Picture of Ged Hall complaining about the ‘anti-Conservative’ Facebook groups…


4 thoughts on “It was social media what did it for the Tories?”

  1. If they keep telling themselves that they will lose SCC as well, especially after the new revenue raising jape of charging for wood taken to the dump. The exception will be wooden furniture which of course they will be able to sell in the recycle shop with the profits split between SCC and the dump operators with the occasional charity day.

  2. Ah! But will the Eastern villages have a dump? The Cranleigh dump is still under review, but Farnham’s centre has, so far, been reprieved. Surrey County Council has its priorities, like investing £57m in the Blightwlls development in Farnham. Lots of nice new empty shops??

  3. There are 7 or 8 Tories that most certainly lost their election on Social Media. Their cynical use of social media was to push puff pieces and disclose nothing, Conspicuously they were all avoiding answering a barage of reasonable and valid residents’ questions. When the Tories rounded on residents with below the belt and false accusations it showed their true colours. Let’s not mention the debacle of reading the Mayor’s unladylike posts. To the 1,000’s watching it was clear that they had lost the plot. Ged’s letter was calculated to cast the residents as an orchestrated rabble – but his action said more about his party than the residents. Two Tory candidates in an adjacent ward had no social media presence, yet they were elected.

  4. Without doubt Denise Le Gal’s behaviour was disgraceful, berating residents was uncalled for and undignified. However, WW holds her responsible for much of the Blightwells debacle. She, together with Alan Young – ousted from SCC – used its pension fund as an enabler when nobody in the commercial sector would touch it with a bargepole. The past came back and bit her in the backside, where it hurt.

    Let us all hope for Farnham’s sake this unwelcome development does take off.

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