Nobody says it better​.

As the song goes…

Nobody says it half as good as you – Mr David Wylde.

However, ‘Your Waverley” is sticking to its mantra – “Blightwells Yard will be a HUUUUUUGE success – and will produce HUUUUUGE sums for the next 150 Years.

Let’s Hope the Waverley Web is still in existence so that it can give a HUUUGE round of applause to Tory-controlled Waverley and Tory Controlled Surrey Councils for making such a wise investment?

Screen Shot 2019-03-02 at 09.46.57.png

Here’s the shop situation so far. Oh and by the way. The ANCHOR STORE – Sainsbury’s – has been operating in Farnham’s South Street for donkeys (30)years! And ASK is closing restaurants all over the country. Not that we want to pee on ‘Your Waverley’s’ parade.



3 thoughts on “Nobody says it better​.”

  1. Why doesn’t Waverley do a bit of quick re-thinking and convert this “brownfield” site into housing instead? Clearly a mid-town shopping centre is not going to be successful, and more housing in the centre of town might stop the loss of more green fields around Farnham yet still help Waverley meet their Local Plan housing numbers.

    Seems to me that there is a need for more homes, and no need for more shops.

  2. Quite simply because ‘Your Waverley’ and Surrey County Council that is investing cira 57m in this scheme are dellusional. As the Redgrave Theatre begins to bite the dust – a treasured and much-loved asset, WBC will stubbornly refuse to accept this unpopular development, is anything other than a “fantastic and much wanted asset for Farnham.”

    If it is – here at the WW we will gladly eat our keyboard.

    As for more homes. We heard over here they are all going into the East of the borough.

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