‘Your Waverley’ is being bombarded by developers eager to start moving more earth and more money in and around Cranleigh.


So it could soon be Goodbye Rowley – hello Cranleigh New Town.

The settlement of Rowly has been in the mind’s eye of numerous developers including local councillors Jeanette and Stewart Stennett. Who – we have heard are intending to earn more Brownie points – no offence to the amazing Brownie movement – for their friends!Screen Shot 2019-01-19 at 10.46.02.png


Screen Shot 2019-01-19 at 10.50.06.png


They managed to trouser a planning consent in the green belt near their Rowley home/business, in the Guildford Road with the help of their Tory Tosser colleagues. This occurred despite planning officers urging their fellow councillors not to do so as it could open the floodgates for development on similar sites elsewhere! 

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Now Cranleigh Public School wants to build 40 properties on the vital wedge of open space opposite the Notcutts Garden Centre in Guildford Road and another 27 on the school complex off Horseshoe Lane. All with the help of A2Dominion – which already has 265 homes tucked under its belt helped by Bespoke Property Services aka “Mr Cranleahy”  Andrew Leahy.  The duo of ” Lettuce and Leahy “also want to build 26 apartments and a new 80-bed nursing home in Cranleigh Town centre. This after duping successive parish councils into believing they intended to build a replacement hospital – with beds – a day hospital and a minor injuries unit. Rumours are rife in Cranleigh that the developers used the charity as a ploy to pursue their wider development interests.

However, here at the WW – we couldn’t possibly comment,

Andrew Leahy has told The Alternative Cranleigh Community Board that he is not a director of A2 Dominion as he resigned in 2014. But the housing association was one of his clients. Tell it as it is – or someone will tell it for you Mr Leahy. We have heard from a member of the L of F that you resigned from the board so that your development aspirations wouldn’t be seen as a conflict of interest in the Charity of which you were a trustee.  Recognise the word –


Cranleigh Parish Council is presently reeling under the weight of planning applications, despite the fact that it has already reached the quota of homes included in the Local Plan Part 1. This excludes 1,800 homes and business space consented at nearby Dunsfold Park.

There are also numerous planning applications lodged in Ellens Green, Alfold and the villages around, which impact on Cranleigh’s meagre infrastructure.

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A Waverley officer has told the Waverley Web that other schemes have been proposed along the Guildford Road between Rowley and Cranleigh, and developers are busy clearing land including the site of the old Silverwood Nursery site adjacent to the home of the borough and parish councillor Mary Forszewski, who also owns land there. Other sites are also in the frame.

“It’s like a frenzy has broken out over there – and there appears nothing we can do to stop it” because if we refuse these applications, then they go to appeal and Government Inspector’s over-rule decisions made by local democratically elected people.”

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The parish council has recently objected to a so-called – ‘CONSULTATION’ by Surrey County Council. The county can do whatever it likes!  It can grant its own consent -regardless of how opposed the locals are. Alfold is a prime example – where SCC built a school for autistic children despite huge local opposition. 

How right is that?  They can shout it from the rooftops that putting two new schools on land adjacent to Glebelands School in Parsonage Road + almost 100 homes on the sites they vacate in the same road – will cause traffic chaos. And, just to add to Cranleigh’s traffic misery – the council is proposing that in future parents’  “park and stride” their children to the new schools by dropping them in the High Street. They can then be turned out onto the common and make their way up a lane known locally as”dog sh*t alley” adjacent to the White House! You couldn’t make it up!

mylittlepovey2Will Surrey County Councillor Andrew Povey ride to Cranleigh’s rescue?

Don’t you bet on it?



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