Will Waverley’s voting fodder hold this Tory administration​ to account in 2019?

 Will the residents of Waverley put new brooms in to sweep Waverley Towers clean?

This week the Western Area Planning Committee refused an application by…wait for it?


Watch out there’s an election about!

‘Your Waverley’ put before its own council planning committee an application to build two one-bed flats on land in Ryle Lane. An unofficial space used regularly by local people to park near Highfield South Farnham School.

Despite a public gallery crammed with objectors Farnham’s Councillor Sam Pritchard said he was “struggling” to oppose the scheme – as he had not received any objections, and the highway authority had raised no concerns.

Here at the WW, we didn’t think Surrey highways even look at planning applications any more, judging by their lack of concerns?

However, Councillor David Beaman couldn’t have been more opposed.“Here this evening we have faced applications for garden grabbing and now we are considering car park grabbing. I have a real problem being asked to make a decision on land owned by this authority – it is ridiculous that we should be asked to decide on a scheme on land Waverley owns. Of course, we need housing but If we allow this there will be very real traffic problems here.”

“We have better, and more suitable sites than this,” said Carole Cockburn, where will parents park – we should not be doing anything in Ryle Road in a hurry, it is not a comfortable road to either drive in or park in – so I certainly won’t support this.”

Gerry Hyman said the council had to be scrupulously careful when considering its own applications. “We would not be allowing anyone else to do it, so why should we?’

After the plan was unanimously refused…

 Tory Councillor Sam Pritchard called out to the public gallery – “I don’t want any of my constituents to think that I am ignoring them. So perhaps I could appeal to those in the public gallery to stay behind so that I can talk to them.”

If Councillor Hyman had done that WW bets he would have been off to see the Monitoring Officer before his bum had hardly left his seat! Let’s see if the Tory Tosser gets away with it?

Screen Shot 2019-01-02 at 20.50.08.png

Screen Shot 2019-01-02 at 20.51.24.png24862079_10155918338976613_2607840564800582419_n.jpg

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