Congratulations​ Beverley. Another act in the Awfold pantomime​?

I’m movin’ on up, movin’ on out
Movin’ on up, nothin’ can stop me
I’m movin’ on up, movin’ on out
Time to break free, nothin’ can stop me, yeah!

Crystal Tipps Weddell is movin’ on up, movin’ on out and nothing’s gonna stop her …


The Waverley Web understands that the Clerk to Awfold Parish Council whose starring role in its the recent money moving scandal, which rocked the village – on account of her dealings with the  filthy lucre for the worried-well-to-do of the Parish (all 0.07% of them who opposed development of Dunsfold Aerodrome.) – can’t wait to wash her hands and shake Alfold’s dust off her boots – can she?

She’s moving up in the world. All the way to Woking!
Apparently, no one has had the heart to tell her that the Victoria Theatre is putting on Cinderella this year, not Aladdin!!!
According to our source, so pleased are the Tory Tossers with her money-moving-manoeuvres they’re promoting her to their local HQ, where she will be well placed to ably assist one Sallie Barker who has been charged with establishing a Fundraising Committee!
Party Apparatchiks are, apparently, salivating at the prospect of Widow Twanky, as she is known locally,  bringing her finely honed skills to bear in lining their coffers, after hearing of her  exploits in banking a whopping £256,000 in a mere three months whilst assisting POW & the Parishes in their concerted efforts to derail development at the aerodrome. 
The big question as far as Awfold residents are concerned: is Crystal Tipps joining Nik Pigeon in jumping ship from Alfold Parish Council which – rumour has it – has become too hot to hold them – or is she simply adding to her ever-growing portfolio of part-time clerking jobs?

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