They’re off nice and early in Cranleigh? Campaigning for the 2019 local elections.

It’s girl power – where are Cranleigh’s blokes?

Or… perhaps not. As these Tory ladies are calling canvassing  by a new name it’s now called ‘surveying residents.’  And there were silly old us, thinking that surveying was the practice carried out by developers before they start covering the countryside in concrete?

Wannabe Waverley borough and Cranleigh parish councillors are stomping around the streets as they rev up in readiness for next May’s borough and parish elections. 

No point waiting for the starters’ gun is there? Get out their girls, start mixing with the voting fodder. By the  sounds of it all is going well according to the very ambitious – Ewhurst’s Angie of I’m a Cranleigh parish councillor, then a borough councillor – and I’m on my way up the greasy Tory pole to Westminster – because I bag loads of  dosh for them all over the Guildford and the East – Tory patch so I can become Annie’s replacement? But first – I have my eye on keeping the Tories in power at Waverley?

Don’t they have enough CRANLEIGH people over there to speak up for the New Town? Let us hope here in Farnham we can manage to stump up a few true locals?

We’ve heard over here there is a groundswell of Independent, Residents’ Associations and Liberal Democrat candidates out there seeking to snatch some of those seats in a bid to change the face of Waverley’s Tory dominance. Go girls go.

Screen Shot 2018-11-25 at 10.14.18.png

Cranleigh Parish Councillor Angela Richardson, Waverley Councillor and Parish Chairman Liz Townsend and Waverley’s Deputy Mayor Mary Foryszewski out pressing the flesh with Cranleigh’s voting fodder. 



14 thoughts on “They’re off nice and early in Cranleigh? Campaigning for the 2019 local elections.”

  1. Hi WW
    I rarely agree with you – But do on occasions – and if any of this lot try to “Press my Flesh” I will run a mile…. Hate to say it but I have always been a Tory voter (so you can beat me now)
    But I promise much to my OH’s delight – I will not be this time in May unless they do a complete Volte Face and change their ways. Start listening to what Residents in this part of the Borough have to say.

    The only problem I have is I LIKE Local Councillors such as Deanus and Townsend – What do we do? We don’t have Indies here – unlike Cllr Follows in Godalming?

  2. Wonder where the other candidate is? Patricia Ellis, no doubt she doesn’t need to canvass?
    Wonder where the Stennetts are? Have they achieved all their aims as borough councillors so they can ride off into the sunset and turn their backs on all their achievements on behalf of the Cranleigh New Town they have helped to create?

  3. WW stop hiding behind this – Find me someone I can back and I WILL But the rest of the Borough – Won’t I am so fed up of Nimby’s and Big Girls Blouses – I hope I upset Enough people to make them think about where we are going
    As ever in grumpiness
    Denise ( Who gives her name on this Website)

    1. We can only do our best – sadly Denise our best is often not enough to change attitudes – and sadly the old blue rosette up the backsides of monkeys will inevitably succeed.

  4. Hello! Well, I can assure you that you will have some Liberal Democrats to vote for in May in Cranleigh.

    And I can equally assure you I want to bring a somewhat different style of government in Waverley if we get the chance – and if we get opposition councillors from across the borough I will be running a very different type of opposition too – one focussed upon the localities in Waverley and not an​ overly dictatorial, centralised regime.

    1. Here at the Waverley Web we would welcome the opportunity to hear of your plans. Something to excite the electorate for once – not more of the same.

      1. I will certainly go into more detail over the next couple of months but suffice to say Waverley needs to change (I hardly need to tell readers of this website that).

        It is beset by indecision, over centralisation at the expense of the localities, governed by people with far too many vested interests in matters which do not help the people of Waverley.

        I have only had a year to start to earn the trust of the borough – but I want to build an opposition of the best people who are willing to work for and properly represent their residents. If given enough to be a formal opposition in waverley I aim reach out to all good and reasonable councillors to seek real change – and in time to be able to earn control.

      2. But before any of that – come May I will have been a councillor for only 18months. I need to earn reelection and give residents a reason to bring me back before I do any of this, as my ward and then Godalming need to come first.

  5. Btw I also like Cllrs Deanus and Townsend – to the point that if we have to pick wards we fight in Cranleigh and wards we don’t – we will only target the seats held by ..councillors we hold in less regard.

  6. You mention two brilliant councillors. The WW had little faith in Deanus in the early days, believing him to be the puppet of others. However, he has shown himself to be anything but. Would have loved to be hanging from the rafters in some of those Waverley’s Executive meetings. We bet he has stirred things up and made his presence felt?

    Liz Townsend has shown herself a force to be reckoned with, however when Councillor Foryszewski isn’t congratulating and grovelling to the officers, she appears to have bcome institutionlised by ‘Your Waverley.’ Now that she is part of the chain gang, she has lost her impartiality. If she is returned as Mayor – Cranleigh loses yet another voice.

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