Yet again Capt’n Bob Lies and his cohorts have been kicked into touch, this time by no less a personage than a High Court Judge.

As we reported yesterday, Judge Natalie Lieven dismissed all the arguments put forward variously by the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) and Protect our Waverley (POW). They failed to derail not only Waverley Borough Council’s Local Plan but also the planning consent to build 1800 houses at Dunsfold Park. 

 Our Legal Eagle followers of the WW are pouring over the Judge’s decision and we’ll report in more detail on the whys and wherefores when we hear from them.

In the meantime, we can only hope this will be an end to POW’s disgraceful shenanigans, which have cost Waverley Council Tax Payers, dear.  Whilst essential services are being  cut to the bone, the wealthy-well-to-do of Awfold, Dunsfold and Kerchingfold have  played fast and loose with taxpayer cash with no regard whatsoever to the hundreds of thousands of pounds it has cost ‘Your Waverley’ to repeatedly defend itself and its residents from their kamikaze-style antics in relation to the Local Plan. 

However, given their chutzpah, no such luck!  Capt’n Bob’s has already issued his siren call: “A peal!  A peal!  No!  Not a peal of bells, you fools – we lost!  APPEAL!  APPEAL!  All aboard the Good Ship POW!  Next stop the Court of Appeal!”

 This despite CPRE having leave to appeal refused yesterday by the Judge on Monday, we understand CPRE and POW’s lawyers are now crawling all over her decision looking for a foothold from which to launch an appeal …  Sadly, with CPRE’s liability for costs limited to £10,000 and POW’s limited to £30,000 they are clearly not only undeterred but determined to continue their bloody battle to the bitter end. 

The Pope and God are on standby we understand, with all leave cancelled in Cloud Cuckoo Land!

In Pow’s  Press Release Bob Lies accused the Judge of an ‘apparent misunderstanding of the details of the case and misinterpretation of planning law.’ 

We doubt anyone expected Bob Lies and Little Britton to be gracious in defeat but insulting a High Court Judge … well, that just smacks of contempt of court!

As Capt’n Lies blathers on, about POW standing up for the residents of Waverley but what he really means is standing up for the residents of Awfold and Dunsfold.  It’s about time someone challenged Protect our Little Corner on its oft-repeated but completely unverified claim that they speak on behalf of thousands of Waverley residents.   These bozos keep telling anyone who will listen – not to mention plenty who’d rather not! – how many supporters they have and yet no one – not even two High Court Judges – have insisted they back up this claim with a verifiable membership list! 

Why not? 

POW love figures; they’ve thrown them around like Smarties during their latest skirmish in the High Court but their own sums are entirely ambiguous and even their biggest fan couldn’t claim, hand on heart, they’ve been remotely transparent regarding them …

On the one hand, POW claims to have thousands of supporters and yet on the other they swear they have no money to speak of.  Are we the only people to think that doesn’t add up?  Awfold Parish Council, aided and abetted by Nik Pigeon and Crystal Tipps Weddell, laundered £256,000 for POW and yet, despite this, those mendacious mealy mouthed men argued vociferously that the costs of their latest failed High Court Challenge should be limited to a measly £10,000!  And even though the Judge raised their cap to £30,000 that still leaves the Waverley Tax Payer picking up the costs of the fight POW picked with the Secretary of State, Waverley Borough Council and the Dunsfold Developer.  That’s the equivalent of going on a spending spree with someone else’s credit card.  Nice work if you can get it but, at best, it’s deceitful and, at worst, criminal in our opinion!

If POW goes ahead with its threat of another challenge they will, no doubt, suddenly and mysteriously, have the funds in place to set it in motion  – as they have done at every twist and turn in the past!  It’s not a case of living hand to mouth, as they claimed to the Judge, it’s simply a case of refusing to explain how and from whom they raise their funds!  Never mind what they claim to have – or not have – in their bank account; what’s more important and key to their funding arrangements is…

…who exactly does it have in its back pocket! It certainly isn’t coming out of Bob L’s wallet – because local tradesmen are contacting the WW – claiming he isn’t paying his bills, and they are threatening  Court action!!

So who is really pulling POW’s strings?  If we were going to trot down to Bet Fred, our money would be on a few High Rollers and one or two local developers who were, and will now be, even more anxious to see development at Dunsfold Aerodrome go down in order to better their own chances a hop skip and a field or two away. 


Which leads us to wonder?

Where this leaves Nik Pigeon and Crystal Tipps Weddell’s grand plan, in cahoots with Thakeham Homes and Little Britton, to inflict further development on Awfold?  With the consent for 1800 homes at Dunsfold Park now verified by a High Court Judge?


… can Alfold Parish Council continue to justify its championing of development at Springbok – especially when the residents of Awfold (whom they’re, allegedly, elected to represent) made their feelings in this respect all too clear?  The residents of Awfold DON’T want further development now they have reached their quota.   We all know Nik Pigeon has admitted to a pecuniary interest in the Springbok scheme and has been angling for it to get the go-ahead from the get-go – even before it was put before the Parish Council first time around! – but we ask again (and we’ll keep asking until we get an answer!) what’s in it for Crystal Tipps, Betty Ames and Little Britton?

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