Here’s who is reading the Waverley Web.

Screen Shot 2017-07-22 at 00.11.46While we are away sunning ourselves in foreign climes we thought you might like to know which countries now regularly follow the comings and goings of ‘Your Waverley?

Who says the Waverley Web cannot reach the parts that others reach?

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4 thoughts on “Here’s who is reading the Waverley Web.”

  1. Yep. ALL wordpress sites will show exactly the same data. ALL sites are hit by search / spam bots. Although the Kazakhstan one is probably Paul Follows as he does get around quite a bit.

    1. 😀 I must admit I am always sceptical about this sort of data from any website – as it’s easy enough to make a website think you are logging on from Liberia if you wanted to.

      And also 😀 I’m told by members of another party that ‘I get everywhere’ – not sure how totally true that is, but lets just say I’ve tried to make sure I’m more acquainted with Waverley as a whole!

  2. You are such a cynic PP and you can’t bear to think this blog is widely read. Here at the WW, we receive private e-mails from former Waverley residents who live and work in the far corners of the world and like to keep in touch with their home patch.
    If you detest this site so much, why do you keep reading and commenting upon it? Why not find someone else to haunt?

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