Councillor Peter Martin warns parishes … hands off my 25%!

So our local towns and villages take the burden of development – but get a pittance of a handout from the financial proceeds? So who exactly will trouser the cash?

It was pretty clear from the debate that ensued at a meeting of Waverley’s Value for Money Overview & Scrutiny Committee – that when the Community Infrastructure Levy comes into play – (the cash paid by developers to mitigate for the extra burden on local services of more housing) it could disappear into a big black borough and county council hole! And let’s face it, there are lots of them!

So the question is? Is Waverley Borough and Surrey County Councillor Peter Martin minding the county council’s back?

petermartinwantsourCIL Councillor Peter Martin doesn’t even want parishes to get 25% of the funds! (They only get that amount if they have an adopted Neighbourhood Plan in place, if not that figure goes down to just a measly 10%!) He believed there could be a greater need in “other areas.” We wonder where those “other areas”  might be Councillor Martin? Could it be into the big black hole pothole you preside over at Surrey County Council?

One thing is certain: The first dip into the bucket, that according to Waverley Officers will only receive a million pounds in the first year CIL operates will go to – yes you guessed – to ‘Your Waverley,’ for a new member of staff. In subsequent years officers say it will receive more millions. But why not squillions? Simple – nearly all the housing for the next 15 years already has planning consent. Because developments were granted, during a period when Waverley had no Local Plan in place, and therefore was unable to charge CIL!! NO PLAN NO CIL!

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 The really good news is that  Waverley is just about to spend another douche bag of Council Tax Payer’s hard-earned cash employing a Section 106 Officer! Yes, that’s right folks, you read it here first! Waverley BC has just appointed a Section 106 Officer so now they’ll be no excuse for POW or the Civic Society, Farnham Society or any other Tom, Dick, and Harriet bleating that they don’t understand which developers are shelling out what and where because they’ll all be able to pick up the phone and ask the Section 106 Officer. Apologies in advance to the newly appointed officer who will now, no doubt, be inundated with calls about Developer’s financial largesse. But, look on the bright side, at least we’ve given the newby a heads-up. After all, we know all new recruits at The Burys are told to log onto the Waverley Web if they want to know what’s going on at the Council!

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2 thoughts on “Councillor Peter Martin warns parishes … hands off my 25%!”

  1. Typical! And this is why people like Peter Martin should not be able to sit on three councils at once. You’d hardly think he is a parish councillor. He acts in the best interests of Peter Martin and not in the interests of the community foolish enough to elect him.

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