Oh yes please Mr Hunt – can we have some clean air in Farnham too?

But first- could you have a word in the ear of Waverley Brough Council!  We want to know the truth- the whole truth – and nothing but the truth about its dodgy air quality data that is supposed to be under investigation by Surrey Police?

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Yesterday Environment Secretary Michael Gove published a Clean Air Strategy which aims to cut air pollution and save lives, backed up through new primary legislation.

Air pollution is the fourth biggest threat to public health after cancer, obesity and heart disease and the new government strategy sets out how we will go further and faster than the EU in reducing human exposure to particulate matter pollution. These proposals are in addition to the government’s £3.5 billion plan to reduce air pollution from road transport and diesel vehicles, set out in July last year.

It is estimated that the action set out will reduce the costs of air pollution to society by an estimated £1 billion every year by 2020, rising to £2.5 billion every year from 2030.

The new strategy, which is now out for consultation, is a key part of a 25 Year Plan to leave our environment in a better state than we found it. He says:

  • Our goal that by 2025, we will halve the number of people living in locations where concentrations of particulate matter are above the WHO guideline limit of 10 ug/m3.

Presumably, he means if councils can be trusted not to fudge the data?

  • We will introduce new primary legislation, which will give local government new powers to improve air quality.

Not much use having new powers, if their data gathering is dodgy – is it?

  • We will legislate to ensure only the cleanest domestic fuels will be available for sale, preventing 8,000 tonnes of harmful particulate matter from entering the atmosphere each year.


  • For the first time, the government will take concerted action to tackle ammonia from farming – which is responsible for 88% of ammonia emissions – by requiring farmers to invest in the infrastructure and equipment that will reduce emissions. Farmers will be supported to achieve this through our new system of public money for public goods.


Well of course here’s where POW’s cow comes in handy! The Protect Our Waverley ‘Group’s is contributing at least half of those ammonia emissions!



  • We will work with international partners to research and develop new standards for tyres and brakes to enable us to address toxic non-exhaust emissions of microplastics from vehicles which can pollute air and water.


  • We will provide a personal air quality messaging system to inform the public, particularly those who are vulnerable to air pollution, about the air quality forecast, providing clearer information on air pollution episodes and accessible health advice.


  • We will put new investment into scientific research and innovation strengthening the UK’s position as a world leader in clean technology and secure further emissions reductions.

Environment Secretary Michael Gove said:

Air quality has improved significantly since 2010 but sixty years on from the historic Clean Air Act a clear truth remains – air pollution is making people ill, shortening lives and damaging our economy and environment.

This is why today we are launching this clean air strategy, backed up with new primary legislation. It sets out the comprehensive action required across all parts of government to improve air quality.


 In a research report, also published yesterday, shows just 1 in 5 respondents felt they knew a lot about its effects. There was a lack of awareness of the wide range of sources of air pollution with most naming transport as the main cause. But transport emissions are only part of the problem. From farming to cleaning solvents, and the large range of day to day practice and products which produce harmful emissions.

 Burning wood and coal to heat a home contributes 38% of UK emissions of damaging particulate matter. Cleaner fuels and stoves produce less smoke, less soot and more heat. In future, only the cleanest domestic fuels will be available for sale.

Also announced today, by Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt, is a new tool for local authorities developed for Public Health England by Imperial College and the UK Health Forum which will enable local authorities to estimate the economic impact of air pollution in their area. The tool takes account of the cumulative cost for diseases where there is a strong association with air pollution: coronary heart disease; stroke; lung cancer; and childhood asthma.

He said:

Air Pollution is contributing to a national health crisis. If we fail to take decisive action, we risk more of our children suffering from asthma, and patients needlessly ending up in hospital.

Our health service can only go so far in treating the conditions that dirty air can contribute to, and we have a responsibility to stop this issue at source. Today’s Clean Air Strategy and Air Pollution Tool do just that, taking a giant step towards cleaning up our air for good.


Don’t tell us Jeremy tell your own borough council, who have been ignoring the present rules for years – let alone new ones!

You can find more information on air pollution and how it affects us all at a new air pollution explainer page.

3 thoughts on “Oh yes please Mr Hunt – can we have some clean air in Farnham too?

  1. Unfortunately David Munro the Police Commissioner was a WBC an SCC councillor during the clean air cover up. What chance of a transparent and fair investigarion by the police? Surely it ahould be given to a different force to invesrigate

  2. The enquiry into WBC handling the pollution figures is most probably a complete waste of time as it should have been given to an independent police force because the Chief Constable of Surrey Police is accountable to his Consevative backed Police And Crime Commisioner, David Munro. As an ex WBC senior Councillor and SCC Councillor any part he may play in this enquiry is completely unsafe. Under the legislation for his job he has the power to dismiss a Chief Constable without reason and so the police have totally lost their independence.
    For any person found guilty of cooking the books at WBC over pollution figures the offence of committing deception in public office carries a maximum tarif of life imprisonment! As it is a very serious matter. Somehow I don’t think a proper investigation will be going anywhere as a The Conservatives have it covered.

  3. This is a very serious matter as you say, and if Waverley Borough Council does not take it seriously it will have to answer for its actions or inaction. That is why the balance of power must change, and to-day Farnham residents have an opportunity to show that change is coming.

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