Will a new car park and increased charges put even more pressure on Cranleigh’s residential​ roads?

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 13.23.20.png

Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 10.26.11

Charges for the Snoxhall Playing Fields Car Park are expected to generate around £60,000 a year of much-needed cash for Cranleigh Parish Council.

Administering and  providing warden services, for the car park, which was previously free, will also generate around  £15,000 income for ‘Your Waverley.”

At the same time, the council is considering ways of preventing unsocial parking around the borough’s towns and villages by introducing or extending double yellow lines! It also intends adding more parking restrictions right across the borough of Waverley.

Does this mean that even more residential roads in and around the borough will be liberally peppered with cars?

Residents have been asked to respond to Waverley’s new parking review.

17.12.01 – Snoxhall may be avoided if charging plan persists copy

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