Local Plan published. Is the Scotsman doing a highland fling?

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 We think there may be a strong chance the Scotsman is enjoying a wee dram following this statement published by Government Inspector Jonathan Bore which includes the following statement that leaps off the page!

In conclusion, the allocation at Dunsfold Aerodrome is a key part of the sustainable growth strategy for the Borough. It provides an excellent opportunity to meet a significant part of the housing needs of the Borough, including affordable housing, on a brownfield site. It is a good example of proactive planning to achieve coordinated, well-designed sustainable development and it offers opportunities for comprehensive urban design and master planning and social and transport facilities that smaller peripheral greenfield sites cannot usually offer. Subject to MM22 and MM23, the Dunsfold Aerodrome allocation is sound.

5 thoughts on “Local Plan published. Is the Scotsman doing a highland fling?”

  1. The Waverley Web is holding the Alleluia Chorus until the Secretary of State sees sense and grants permission for 1,800 new homes and MP Anne Milton hangs her head in shame!

  2. I am sure he is whooping with delight! Inspector Bore has rubbished Farnham’s Local Plan albeit nicely!! and with regard to Dunsfold unless I am missing something and he has seen details that are not available to the rest of us Numpties… He mentions Schools and various other facilities (Jigsaw and a Pre-school of 175sqm going up to 250sqm by Phase 4 circa 2024) we know that the proposed retail outlet was a convenience store (750sqm) and I am sure another Pub/Restaurant will be useful. The community Centre and Medical centre don’t kick in until Phase 2 (circa 2022) – But where is the whole New Community Infrastructure for these 2600 homes? You know that I am pleased that there will be a better Bus service to the other towns, But they will still have to travel down the A281 which with the best will in the world is still a Single Carriage road.

    The Junction improvements are good – But they are only improvements. There is nothing that can make the road wider and you still have to get through Bramley and Shalford to get to Guildford. As for Trains not being the main mode of transport in the Borough – I question that comment, but maybe it has something to do with the fact that it is extortionate to park at them, and probably cheaper to drive. But we Don’t have any here so it is irrelevant to the proposed residents at Dunsfold park, who will no doubt all work on-site – Although we know that will not be the case – unless the exisiting 800 odd all move on-site, which of course they can’t as there wont be enough homes util Phase 3 (Circa 2023!)

    I wish we could pick up Dunsfold park and put it next to one of the Larger towns – But we can’t – It is where it is.. But it doesn’t make it right.

  3. Dunsfold Aerodrome plan remains to get the Secretary of State’s seal of approval. He might be daft enough to create a great big black hole in Waverley’s new Local Plan, in which case Cranleigh, Farnham, Milford and Godalming will drown under concrete!

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