Surprise, surprise!

This is taken from Waverley’s New Boy’s Facebook Page because he says he is genuinely surprised by the lack of scrutiny and opposition at ‘Your Waverley!’

Watch out sunshine! Councillors are not allowed to access the Waverley Web, at least, not from the council’s internal system! And… the people of Farnham will think they have died and gone to heaven if councillors, particularly from other parts of the borough,  actually start asking what the ‘viability, benefits and current status’ of the Blightwells project actually are?

Go boy go, a bit more of this and democracy WILL rear its ugly head within that hallowed halls of  ‘Our Waverley.’


Paul Follows - Lib Dem GodalmingScreen Shot 2018-01-26 at 16.03.02.png

4 thoughts on “Surprise, surprise!”

  1. I can’t make up my mind if it was always thus and all politicians in power resist being accountable or whether it is a modern phenomenon. I know it is not unique to local government to any one party nor to any one nation. I feel that the more politicians bear their souls on social media the less they feel they have to say on more conventional channels. I also fear that the more we regulate to try and make our representatives more accountable the more they resist it. Part of me would be happier if I thought they were maliciously corrupt (perhaps a handful are); the tragedy is that most of our elected representatives locally are so ill-educated and incompetent that they genuinely believe that this is how things are done. Very few people with brains would actually want to do the job (but that’s another story). The exception seems to be Mr Follows and all credit to him so far I shall follow him with interest.

  2. Yes, we couldn’t agree more! Incompetence is the name of the game in our local authority, and most councillors follow the instructions they are given at the pre-meetings. We truly believe that there are hugely differing opinions but we never hear them! The Tory not-so-faithful are as disenchanted as we are, but this will never be revealed because their differences will never see daylight, will they?
    However, Councillor Follows is not alone, the march of residents groups, and independents have begun. We too will follow Mr. Follows very closely. We have high hopes unless of course his efforts are thwarted by others.

  3. Yes, you have to grant the Conservative party that; even the fundamentally decent human beings, are able to turn a blind eye to any amount of lying, back stabbing and bullying for the sake of the party. Though people wonder why party membership is falling….

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