Let’s give our MP his very own pain in the arras!

Oh dear!  we almost feel sorry for our MP poor Jeremy SHunt.

The Chancellor has just announced he has given him another £6 billion more to play with but he faces an uphill struggle according to the front page of the Daily Mail. 
Will he have time to keep all those promises made to his constituents …or will he be hiding out, rather than facing an angry mob of patients armed with crutches, awaiting their hip operations?
In fact, reading these headlines, do we actually WANT to live longer by eating black beans and other really healthy stuff to avoid various diseases, if only to face hobbling around in agony should we fall foul of a dodgy hip? … probably not!

And.. how do you measure “enough pain?” Do we have to lie on Jeremy’s doorstep in Markwick Lane, Hascombe  yelling, ‘help me help me I’m in terrible pain?’

27 Jan daily mail front page.JPG

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