More burrows on their way to Cranleigh?

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No sooner have the Berkeley Bunnies begun burrowing into Knowle Lane, than the Waverley Web learns that other landowners in Knowle Lane are eager to jump on the builders’ wagon to burrows into their own green fields. They too want to house the Wimbledon and Wandsworth Wanderers who are all migrating down the A3.

Well, why wouldn’t they when a two-up-two-down in Nappy Valley can be swapped for a five-up, five down with ensuites on Knackered (oops! Knowle) Lane in Cranleigh? Ah! but these are for – ‘key workers” where for … London?

According to our mole inside  Waverley, Liz-the-Bulldozer, AKA Lilibet (We’ll have a liddle bet she’ll grant consent)! knows all about it and, desperately worried that her plans for Dunsfold Aerodrome won’t see the light of day, thanks to Mistress Milton and Jeremy Shunt,  is welcoming owners of greenfields in and around Cranleigh with open arms: ‘Roll up! Roll up! Give us a field and we’ll give you a consent …’ Never mind that Wildwood Lane has potholes the size of craters as it crumbles under the weight of lorries pounding up and down it. Who cares? Not LTB that’s for sure.

The Cranleigh Rumour Mill has gone into overdrive since it was announced that David Manns is hosting a coffee shop consultation to-day on behalf of the owners of Suffolk Pensions who want to build 22 houses on a greenfield at Craneswood in Knowle Lane near Knowle Park Nursing Home.  The land is owned by Cranleigh couple David and Sarah Osborne, who are being a bit shy about claiming ownership of the scheme.

Regular readers will recall that the Lettuce King (AKA Nick Vrijland, who owns Cranleigh Nurseries – another green field that’s been consented for housing in Cranleigh) is a major shareholder in David Manns. Does that mean that the Lettuce King and his cohort, Andy Leafy, are up to their old tricks and trying to help concrete over yet another of Cranleigh’s green fields? Or is it just a generous gesture to allow the store to be used for such purposes. Perhaps it would have been a sensible move to use a neutral venue, like the Band Hall, or the community hall, rather than telling residents you are backing Cranleigh New Town?

Rumours abound that a consortium of so-called movers and shakers (AKA people well placed in local business and local government to make things happen) have pooled their SIPS – NO! We’re not talking about a crafty G&T! We’re referring to their Self Invested Pension Plans – in order to acquire local landholdings where they plan to combine their cash and local clout in order to boost their pension pots at the expense of Cranleigh’s green fields and local residents’ amenity.

By the way, isn’t this field adjacent to Cranleigh’s Beryl Harvey Memorial field? You know the one that the late Councillor Brian Ellis wanted to build houses, and villagers stopped him just in the Nick of time!

Here’s your personal invitation.Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 15.58.58.png

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