Perhaps Waverley residents could meet their Executive? Now there’s a challenge!

If they can do it at Guildford Borough Council then they can do it at ‘Your Waverley’ – can’t they?

Meeting the tail that wags the Waverley dog may be as joyless as a  root canal procedure, but who knows, it may prove to be quite the opposite, and be a real revelation, so why not give it a go?

The Waverley Web team would be there in force of course, hanging from the dusty cornices of the council chamber,  listening intently. We can think of many people over here in Farnham who would love to meet the tail, other than on their doorsteps when there is an election in the offing! Over there in the east of the borough there are quite few souls who might like chew the cud with the council’s Executive too?

So how about it Waverley Borough Council if Guildford Borough Council can met its residents – so can you!


Screen Shot 2017-11-26 at 08.28.15.png

Taken from the amazing Guildford Dragon – the website that reaches the parts of Guildford that others fail to reach.

2 thoughts on “Perhaps Waverley residents could meet their Executive? Now there’s a challenge!”

  1. “Clarifying the rules on predetermination

    In parallel with the abolition of the Standards Board, the Government has used the Localism Act to clarify the rules on ‘predetermination’. These rules were developed to ensure that councillors came to council discussions – on, for example, planning applications – with an open mind. In practice, however, these rules had been interpreted in such a way as to reduce the quality of local debate and stifle valid discussion. In some cases councillors were warned off doing such things as campaigning, talking with constituents, or publicly expressing views on local issues, for fear of being accused of bias or facing legal challenge.”

    If councillor surgeries were introduced in Waverley talking with constituents would take place delivering planning integrity.

  2. If they can do it in Guildford – then they can do it in Waverley? However, does the Executive of Waverley Borough Council want to come face to face with the electorate – that is the question?

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