The man who called in the Dunsfold Park Scheme is now promoting even more housing in the leafy home counties.

Guildford is already quaking in its boots – believing it will be in the Communities Secretaries firing line for a shed load more homes than its town plan currently proposes – will the same apply to ‘Your Waverley’.

If you read the link below you could be forgiven for thinking we are on the planet Zonk where housing is concerned. Governments/local authorities say one thing,  and then do another.

A government White Paper, Planning for the right homes in the right places, could mean that a much higher housing target is imposed.

Under the proposals, unveiled this month,  by Sajid Javid the Communities Secretary, the housing target could be increased by a further 40% in some areas, mainly in the South East  where average homes cost more than four times average salaries.

According to Guildford Borough Council leader, Paul Spooner’s email, circulated to all GBC councillors, the White Paper: “…is only a proposal for consultation … but the steer from senior ministers is that they expect this to be successfully implemented.”

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MP Jeremy Hunt stands up in a public meeting in Waverley and says he will not  oppose redevelopment at Dunsfold, and weeks later  tells a fellow commuter  on the platform at Godalming station, (we have her name and details) says  ‘I am opposing homes at DP, and of course I live very near there’. Well that’s a better boyjeremyreason for asking Sajid Javid to call in an application which was democratically approved by YW’ to build on the largest brown field site in the borough… than Anne Milton.

She claims,  ‘a couple of hundred homes in Cranleigh  would be quite sufficient  for the whole of the Eastern area, (what! 1,800 are already approved and 2,000 are on their way.

Beam her up Scottie.

Having used  her whip to  persuade Javid to call in DP  allowing  another few million pounds to be  squandered and which is now  trickling down  the boroughs drains. And let’s not forget the extra homes that Javid so badly wants, and which, are now delayed or perhaps scotched altogether, or of course, built on Jeremy’s patch here in Farnham.

Wow – only Monty Python could do better.


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3 thoughts on “The man who called in the Dunsfold Park Scheme is now promoting even more housing in the leafy home counties.”

  1. I think this says it all….. “Assessing housing is only the Starting point in the preparation of Local Plans. Councils need to work with their local communities to take account of green belt and any other constraints, discuss with adjoining councils and decide how many homes they can build and where as well as working together to provide INFRASTRUCTURE for the new homes such as roads and utilities…………………….”

    Pray tell ……apart from minor road junction improvements on the A281 – WHERE are the new roads, trains etc for all this housing that you would like to see at Dunsfold/ Cranleigh? Where are the new Doctors, Hospitals? Where are the improvements to the Sewage and Water in Cranleigh and therefore also in neighbouring Villages? I am not talking about giving money to Leisure centres and Primary schools which is all good if actually given, I am talking about Providing Infrastructure BEFORE you build thousands of new homes. If the Government are so determinded to build this many houses in the South East – they MUST provide the infrastructure FIRST

  2. Oh Denise, there you go again with that dammed inconvenient word – INFRASTRUCTURE. They really don’t care about anything except meeting their Masters wishes. Build and to hell with the consequences and Cranleigh have felt the brunt of this.

  3. Yes, when will someone stand up for Cranleigh? Other than of course, The Cranleigh Civic Society, which battle on speaking up for the area it represents. It appears its borough councillors are rendered impotent by their masters.

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