Dunsfold Airfield – a Heritage Site? – No way!

So determined are the members of ‘Protect Out Little Corner of Waverley and to hell with the rest,’ to stop the development of the borough’s largest brown field site, that they have dragged  tax-payer-funded Historic England into their bitter battle against the developers.  But yet another determined effort to stop development at Dunsfold at all costs, has, failed.

POLCOW – is throwing the taxpayers’ money around like smarties in their endeavours to save their little patch of the borough from development. In addition to wanting to stick  a blue plaque on the site and call it a National Treasure, it has also sought and gained permission for a Judicial Review against – Super Efficient Waverley Borough Council – because the dummies FORGOT, yes, that’s right  FORGOT! to add a decision made by the Executive plonkers in December 2014 into its Constitution!

Yes, one of the most important base documents that the borough council holds – and works to,  was,  quickly changed following legal advice at the last Executive meeting …  INCOMPLETE AND INCORRECT!

You can read more about the big gaff  here:

Cranleigh’s voice has spotted that mistake – that might be getting… BIGGER!

:Could POW, KNOW HOW – TO SCUPPER ‘Your Waverley’s planning decisions? 

 Ten out of Ten to POLCOW for spotting the mistake. Nil Point – for wasting even more of the tax-payers rapidly diminishing funds and giving the thumbs-up to every single developer sending drones over our countryside, including large sites in Alfold and Dunsfold,  to make-up the shortfall when/if the airfield  bites the dust!

Of course, if you are really protecting ‘Your Waverley” as you so boldly claim, perhaps if your bid succeeds, you realise that many of the consents given on developments already under-way around the borough are illegal too! 

Another fine mess ‘Your Waverley’ has got us into?

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Oh! by the way DAHS spokesman … where have you been all these years, Dunsfold has a Museum which is well supported by people near and far who have  emotional links with the place.  Your view , is not the overwhelming view of  the local population. Talk about hyperbole!  You could spin a bigger web than we do!

OH! And please don’t stop sending your childish complaints. We don’t mislead the public, we inform them and so does the brilliant Farnham and Haslemere Heralds – featured here:


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