Watch out – there may be a crash…. about?

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A Buy-to-le bust, lower incomes, Brexit,  homeowners failing interest rate stress tests and now – a Hung Parliament –

could it mean that the housing bubble is about to burst?

We have heard from our readers that a number of newly built properties – two of which overlook Cranleigh Cricket Common, have been put up for rent after  failing  to find buyers. 

This is also evident  in Farnham, Godalming and many of the other towns and villages in Waverley. All of whom are experiencing unprecedented levels of new builds. Many thousands of homeowners cannot find buyers because their properties are blighted by planning applications, either pending or consented.

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Just as developers are poised to build many thousands more homes in the borough of Waverley the ‘For Sale’ signs are already going up from those eager to move away from areas they considered rural, and which are gradually becoming more surburban.

Buy- to- let landlord are starting to move away from the  sector due to the changes in tax advantages being removed, and hard-pressed young people are finding it increasingly difficult to obtain mortgages.

Properties for sale in the  residential areas close to  local schools are failing to find buyers due to the congestion from parked cars during school collection times.  Prospective purchasers are fearful that the congestion  in the residential roads around schools will only get worse if there  is a further  influx of young families when thousands of new homes are built.

Some councils are using Public Spaces Protection Order powers – introduced by the last Government – to control parking by school run parents. The PSPO legislation was designed make it easier for councils to outlaw anti-social activities, including parking.

CCTV cameras have been introduced near schools elsewhere in the country and dropping off and collecting children is banned between 8am and 9.30.a.m. and 2.30 p.m. and 4 p.m.

The orders are also being enforced by police, traffic wardens and police community support officers.

Recently a Waverley Web reader contacted us at saying  traffic wardens were now in evidence outside schools in Waverley. As a result,  parents were parking  in residential areas even further away from schools, which  is believed to be pushing the radius of areas affected by school traffic  even wider, thus affecting even more properties.

2 thoughts on “Watch out – there may be a crash…. about?”

  1. Oh dear, does that mean that their precious little ones might actually have to WALK to and from school breathing in all those poisonous 4×4 diesel fumes ?

  2. Don’t be silly A. voter that would mean that all those so called jummy mummy’s might have to walk also and leave behind those great big four wheel vehicles that most of them can’t drive anyway. Can’t be late for a meet at Costa Coffee.

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