Cranleigh’s voice has spotted that mistake – that might be getting… BIGGER!

Listen to the Big Bird -Because everyone makes mistakes, but some are bigger than others!

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Read our recent post here: Could POW, KNOW HOW – TO SCUPPER ‘Your Waverley’s planning decisions?

Wasn’t it that thorn in Waverley’s side – Farnham’s Jerry – who asked – in public – for an explanation on the subject of the Council’s Constitution, and its  rules on Substitution. He was given short shrift, was told to contact the council’s officers, and given one of those Theresa May glares from ‘Gone to Potts’!

We wonder… has he had had a reply yet?

Oh! and by the way – how dare the voting fodder – ‘Speaking up for Cranleigh’ dare to mention that the pages in the Constitution aren’t numbered properly! If you lot were councillors representing Farnham Residents’ you would have received a damn  good slap, and sent to bed early! Oh! Dear!

This is a message we received from the Cranleigh Civic Society and the letter they have sent to ‘Your Waverley.’

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7 thoughts on “Cranleigh’s voice has spotted that mistake – that might be getting… BIGGER!”

  1. I don’t know about WW weaving a tangled web, I think Waverley Borough Council can do that without your help quite easily. It goes back to the old boys and girls club, some councillor’s treating it as their own empire doing as they like, does this mean that as custodians as to what is built and not built etc around our Waverley area that the committee members are not even aware of the rules, do they drive on the roads not aware of the Highway Code rules? If these people take on the job of Councillor representing the people that put them there, cause let’s not forget that is why they are there then they should be able to attend all meetings other than for ill health, they should not have so many fingers in pies that they have to keep on excusing themselves and on this note does that mean that councillor’s have been putting substitutes to vote for them because of this reason, of course not saying that is why but I do wonder?
    I do hope that Jerry Hyman gets a speedy recovery and can quite understand the cause of his illness by just watching the frustrating time he has when he attends meetings.

  2. Well Done! WW, CCS and Jerry Hyman- these councillors need to be reined in… You would think the Borough was their personal fiefdom – He did raise the issue over substitutions and as you say was dismissed as an annoyance – as he almost always is! They should be ashamed of themselves and I hope that they are brought to account. I too hope that Jerry Hyman gets well soon – we desperately need people of his integrity to raise the issues that the others seem willing to sweep under the carpet!

  3. There it is then, the WBC Constitution is well and truly scuppered in relation to substitutes attending Planning Meetings, these are elected Councillors, flouting the Constitution since at least July 2016,the Banana Republic is alive and well.
    I also note with concern that the CCS email is dated the 28th April last, over six weeks ago, still no reply? Bit like the vote of no confidence really, they don’t give a damn do they.
    CCS time to escalate the complaints to a higher body, perhaps a Villages Petition to our MP who in the present difficult Hung Parliament no doubt will bend over backwards to accommodate a large backlash of public opinion, must be worth a try.
    What do you think?

  4. Hate to tell Angry of Cranleigh, but it would appear the council has been flouting the rules since December 2014 and not July 2016.
    I suppose the East could try petitioning its MP, but over here in Farnham ten thousand or so petitioned HM The Queen and where did that get us… absolutely nowhere!

    1. I bow to your superior knowledge,also HM will and does not engage in politics so I can see how frustrated the West must be,petitioning the wrong person.
      Also I commented “at least” giving room for amendment,thank you.
      Still think that a petition would whip up a furore in Westminster,and give Ms Milton a hard time,Pol Potts has never answered my emails and silence is not golden it’s bloody rude and arrogant,something has to be done

  5. I Get so flippin angry… I see this over and over again at each meeting – and now the OFFICERS are going to be able to pass Planning Appilcations without the need to go through the Local Bourough Councils -So we have a SMALL development for 4 Flats going ahead that will not be Questioned despite the fact that we have Sewage Bubbling up outside our Kitchen….

    We do have Thames Water coming to look next Week – But I have no doubt – it will be the usual – “It is all fine”

    Instead of 1 garage and 1 house we will now have 4 Houses and 4 flats all approved by WBC – Thanks! –

    WBC – Need to be taken to task – They and the Planning Officers Don’t live here and should NOT be able to make these decisions. – SHAME ON THEM

    1. Next time the sewage is bubbling up outside your kitchen – send us a photograph and we will ensure that everyone gets to see for themselves.
      Being ignored, about health an safety issues, will not be an option in this country much longer. Because the voting fodder is getting angry, very, very angry. And the angry virus is spreading like wildfire, no pun intended.

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