Why is… ‘I Wish he Wood step down’ chairman of so many of ‘Your Waverley’s’ Planning Committees?

Is Councillor Peter Isherwood – he of the raised pen  in favour of covering the  borough – particularly Cranleigh and Farnham, in concrete –  enjoying  a one-man takeover of all major planning committees at Waverley?

He is  aided and abetted by his deputy – non-other than  Bramley’s very own “By-Pass Byham’ ‘who is quite happy to support  an increase in  traffic from anywhere and  everywhere as long as it doesn’t originate from DUNSFOLD Park . Unless of course,  it comes from another part of Dunsfold village  – then of course  it’s  alright because that is different Dunsfold traffic!


Job Done by Council Leader Julia Potts?

Now as a result of a ‘leadership decision’ by – ‘Gone to Potts’ – ‘Your Waverley’ won’t have the nuisances from the East of the Borough cramping the council’s  style on the Joint Planning committee.


She has chucked  the local members  off (except one) in favour of the “pens in the air’ brigade – like Hindhead’s  Chairman Isherwood who will happily bury  as much of the Eastern villages countryside in concrete  as he/they can manage. 



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2 thoughts on “Why is… ‘I Wish he Wood step down’ chairman of so many of ‘Your Waverley’s’ Planning Committees?”

  1. Totally Agree – He is so biased and so long as it isn’t in his patch he is happy to develop all over Cranleigh – I hope he can live with his decisions!

  2. I think this is a case of monopoly of nearly every committee, there should be a rule where they can serve only on two committees at the most and only for a certain time The longer they are there the more they think it is theirs to control how they want or is manipulate a better word. Is it not a conflict of interest to be on three planning committees let alone all the others?

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