Oops we did it again…and again…and again…


 Councillor De’Anus doesn’t appear to have read the Ofsted Report on Waverley Training Services properly….three strikes, and its third lowest possible grading  and next time it might just find its  – OUT!

And… taking the training centre into yet another  building,  at huge cost to the taxpayer, – (First Godalming/Farnham)  and then moving again into a  refurbished Memorial Hall  – yes a Memorial to Farnham’s fallen provided by  a benefactor that was gifted for recreation purposes. Then acquired by sleight of hand  to become an old people’s centre and now the Training Centre! Is this  going to achieve greatness –   A building doesn’t raise its profile  or  solve learning difficulties, or poor regulatory reports like Ofsted’s but qualified teachers providing excellent training and discipline do!

How often we here inside Waverley hear that old mantra trotted out by the head honchos that bricks and mortar are not important – funny how this is completely forgotten when it’s part of “Your Waverley’s” cunning plan to pave the way for a Crest Nicholson development? White man speaks … again … with such forked tongue!

This just more about  another bid to sell off Farnham’s  family silver by flogging off The Old Farnham Pump House?

 It’s not Guildford that should be producing its own Monopoly Board but “Your Waverley.” The only difference is you don’t get £200 when you pass GO.  However, we at WW can think of a people who should go to jail? And… think of all those buildings/land across the borough that could go on that board?

With borough and district councils merging all over the South Coast counties, and with one disaster following another in the borough of Waverley- do we see a merger coming on?

Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 13.09.24.pngScreen Shot 2016-12-08 at 13.09.45.png

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