Is it time to come of the aid of Farnham’s Fearless Five?


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Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 11.55.22.pngScreen Shot 2016-12-06 at 11.55.49.pngThere is still a certain amount of confusion and misunderstanding around the borough  as to exactly why Farnham’s Fearless Five are taking “Your Waverley” to court.

Some borough councillors claim they are just a bunch of troublemaking residents with too much time on their hands.
Others believe they have the democratic  right to challenge what has become a  damaging relationship between the council and the developers of Farnham’s  Brightwells/East Street.
So, these fearless residents with the backed by the Farnham Society, Farnham Town Council and a band of like -minded townsfolk are backing the first round of the David & Goliath fight to determine whether the real battle can commence. When Farnham’s FFF’s appear in court in January 2017 they will learn whether or not they have the right to  judicially review decisions made by “Your Waverley” on your behalf.
Of course, “Your Waverley” has nothing to lose – only “our money” lots of it,  and what’s a bit more money wasted on a development that could become Waverley Borough Council’s nemesis …? And as for Crest Nicholson – we all know where it gets its money from don’t we … watch Rip Off Britain!
However, as David Howell says in his letter to  the Farnham Herald, the Farnham Five have put their homes and livelihoods on the line for a principal… because they believe what “Your Waverley” has done is quite simply WRONG.
The WW says  If “Your Waverley” has short changed the people of Farnham to-day, it could do the same to the borough’s other towns and villages tomorrow.
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Oh! and the Waverley Web has, so far,  contacted five Surrey county councillors who know absolutely nothing about the £30m it intends to invest in this scheme – we wonder why?

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